NOTE:  Multiple versions and grades of the home button with return functionality are currently available in  the market. The version sold by eTech Parts Plus is the most stable and responsive available.  The glass button cover is guaranteed to be free from the common defect seen in this part of the glass separating.


Today we will reviewing the home button with return function for the iPhone 7, 7+, 8, and 8+. This part is a simple solution to an issue that has plagued the repair industry since the introduction of the iPhone 7.


The problem:

When the original home button flex cable is damaged on an iPhone 7 and newer, both the home button and touch id function are permanently lost. This is due to the device using a fully touch related home button with no mechanical (click) function. This has been the case since the iPhone 7’s release in 2016. This has caused countless issues for repair shops and customer across the country, until now.


The solution:

The home button with functionality provides the return of the home button function for i7 and i8 series devices who have damaged or lost their original home buttons. Although the home button function is regained, the touch id function itself remains lost due to the security with the motherboard. The part itself does not require high level repair skill as the previous version which involved having to install a custom charging port. This new version has also evolved from the original which required soldering skill to install.


The installation process is as follows:

  1. Install pairing component onto board (no soldering required)
  2. Install spacer securing pairing component
  3. Install home button onto screen
  4. Pair home button to the device via Bluetooth
  5. Enjoy home button function!

The benefits:

  • Does not require custom charging port replacement
  • Does not require board removal
  • Does not require soldering
  • Perfect home button fit into screen
  • Cross compatible for i7, i7+, i8, and i8+
  • Fully compatible with iOS 10 and newer
  • Power consumption less than 2% in 24-hour period
  • Works while connected to a Bluetooth audio device at the same time
  • Provides a solution to a problem present for the past 3 years

The cons:

  • Does not restore touch id or reachability function.
  • Requires Bluetooth to be kept on

If you have any questions: reach our support team at 1-800-697-5583, option 3.

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 -Tech Bob