Not sure what to do with those broken LCDs from MacBooks and iPads in your repair shop? You’re in luck — eTech now has your answer.

We’re rolling out an extension to our current LCD buyback program, to include broken MacBook LCDs as well as broken iPad LCDs and LCD screen assemblies. Here’s a sneak peak into our new extended LCD buyback program!



Automated Online Entry — Coming Soon!

Check out our iPad and MacBook LCD buyback page for pricing and more details. Soon you’ll be able to submit your buyback request as easily as you can when selling broken iPhone screens to eTech. Stay tuned while we iron out the details of our online form to make the process as easy as possible.

For now, follow the steps below to submit your buyback request today!


  1. Email and list the quantity and types of screens you wish to submit
  2. Receive a shipping label to cover the cost of sending your screens to eTech
  3. Carefully package your MacBook and/or iPad LCDs for safe shipping
  4. Receive payment for your buyback within 5-7 days


It’s that easy! And as an added benefit, for the rest of March we're offering an additional 5% bonus on your total buyback of 50 screens or more. That's an extra 5% credit on top of your entire buyback -- and the best deal you'll find for your broken LCDs. There is a 10 screen minimum, please contact your sales rep for more details.

As always, reach out to our team at 913-839-1718 with any questions or concerns. Find us on Facebook and be sure to tell your friends how to get a better deal on LCD buybacks with eTech.