Small business owners understand the importance of attracting new business through marketing and advertising efforts. Repair shop owners are no strangers to this; we've seen some of the coolest promotional and marketing efforts from our own customers - many of whom haven't been in business for very long at all. If you're wondering how to advertise your business to attract new clients without breaking the bank, here are some great examples of inexpensive advertising options implemented by members of the Repair Community.

We asked the Repair Community: Car decals, signs on the windows, billboards... What do you use to attract customers to your repair shop?



iCare Repair in Fargo, ND boasts a strong brand image with its bright red color and modern design. This corner location is sure to stand out and bring new customers in the door!



Owner of iCare Repair James Van Raden understands the importance of branding your business; his attention to detail covers all bases from their boldly-designed business cards to corporate branded envelopes for shipping repairs. "We have created a very strong brand image. We want the graphics to be bold and to turn heads. Thus far we have done this with our corner location and soon to move to shirts and our mobile vehicle. Branding is essential!"



FavGeek in Decatur, AL gets a lot of walk-in customers due to its high visibility and eye-catching brand design. "Oliver" the little blue Geek is the mascot of the company and its main brand image.



Oliver the Geek even made an appearance in the form of a cake for FavGeek's Ribbon Cutting!



Looking to increase the amount of walk-in traffic to your business? Colorful window decals such as these are sure to turn heads! George Deleija of UTEC knows it's true: "We are on the busiest street in town so our windows attract a lot of customers. The colors just POP!"



Rob Gillespie the iGlassGuy made these creative, eye-catching and cost-effective business card holders to spread the word about his business. "I put these at my barber shop, auto shops, friend of mines salon. And of course a stack in my pocket at the bars - always broken phones in bars." This is true!



Car decals and vehicle wraps are a popular and easy way to advertise your business. Everywhere you drive people are bound to take notice and remember - especially when it's on your Beamer! (Courtsey of Phone ResQ)



Dylan Mckerchie, owner of, knows the full value of advertising with vehicle wraps. "Even when not mobile, people notice. "I saw your car at ____" is common."



i Get It does it in style with this bold and sleek design! The vehicle wrap is pretty awesome, too.



And the ever-popular billboard! Digital billboards are the latest and greatest for advertising purposes and Disciple Technologies has recently jumped on board! They have a digital billboard running during a high-traffic time in Wichita, KS. Looks sharp!


There are so many different ways to market your business to get new customers coming in. While some options are most costly than others, there are plenty of ways to make your business stand out without breaking the bank. Thanks to everyone in the Repair Community who contributed photos and helpful tips! Be sure to join in the conversation on our Facebook page, find us on Twitter and Instagram, too! Stay tuned for more updates on the repair industry, community and more from your friends at eTech Parts.