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Repair Shop of the Month - Yakety Yak Phone Repair

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Repair Shop of the Month - Yakety Yak Phone Repair

Tech Bob here kicking off our repair shop of the month series with Yakety Yak Phone repair located in Colleyville, TX. In this series we are featuring our repair shops and how they have established a successful business. Peter Shirley is the owner of Yakety Yak Phone Repair in Colleyville, TX and Daniel Harrison is the manager of their location. I spoke with Daniel who has been managing the shop for 14 years and asked him questions related to the business and the success they’ve had.  


Before entering the repair space, Daniel was a supervisor at Best Buy overseeing multiple departments including car audio install. He decided he wanted to try something else out and, in his search, came across a Craigslist job posting for a cellphone dealer store. Yakety Yak was a franchise store with locations throughout…….   They originally sold phones and accessories as a Verizon dealer and did not have a repair component. Seeing a customer need for cell phone repair, they added Repair as component of their business.  This services soon stated to outperform the sale of phones and other services offered by Yakety Yak.  

As part of this series, we ask each repair to shop the same set of questions to identify consistency in what it takes to run a successful repair shop: 

  1. What has been the most surprising thing about managing your repair shop? 
    - Freedom. Free reign to do what is needed to ensure customers are taken care of and important metrics are met. Patience is needed in explaining issues to customers as every customer is different having a varied level of technical experience. 
  2. If you had unlimited time, where would you put more time into the business? - Organizing the shop, shopping online for accessories, and looking up industry news, repair tips, and potential new issues present with repairs. 
  3. If you had unlimited financial resources, where would you invest and why? 
    - Carrying more repair parts and pre-owned phone stock. To prevent having to order when a customer comes in for a repair and the part is not readily available. 
  4. Share a customer satisfaction story where you went above and beyond to help a customer. 
    - A single story doesn’t stand out, but in general when I am able to save someone’s data on a damaged device that they thought was permanently gone. They are so grateful and have done everything from providing tips to giving hugs. 
  5. What is the number one thing that keeps you motivated? 
    - My family and keeping up the name and the reputation of Yakety Yak. 
  6. What is your favorite repair and why? 
    - iPhone XR screen replacement. The ease of repair, it’s a common phone that comes in for repair, and it has very few issues that arise from the repair process. 


So, after talking to Daniel, I believe he really keyed in on what it takes to be a successful repair shop. Daniel told me that it’s not just about the repairs, it is about the interaction with every customer. From checking battery health to see if a battery is needed, in addition to the screen repair, or case and screen protector to prevent future damage.  Daniel qualifies the customer buy asking the right questions. He also accurately accesses the customer issue by asking questions to diagnose the repair needed. He strongly feels that this is the reason they have a very high customer retention rate, and while I was in his shop observing the interaction with the customers, and I can confirm that this is 100% the case. 

Thanks again to Daniel and the team at Yakety Yak for joining us on the blog!  We wish them continued success with their repair services and any new services they bring to their customers.