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Shop Talk: CrackedMacScreen

We caught up with Trevor L. from CrackedMacScreen to learn more about his experience in the wireless repair industry.
How did you end up in the wireless repair industry?

Back in 2009 I was looking to upgrade my black Macbook and ended up finding one on Craigslist that had a broken crackedmacscreenscreen. I found the screen on eBay, downloaded a 9 step PDF install guide without reverse instructions and went to work on my Mac. Three hours and a bucket of sweat later the Mac was repaired. Word got around that I could fix the “white Macbook” and I knew that there was a definite need for it so I taught myself web design, bought a domain, got an 800 number with my mom doing the voiceover, and CrackedMacScreen was born.

How long have you been in business?

I bought the domain on February 14th, 2009. My brother Colin and my cousin Mike were doing CrackedMacScreen in two other cities (I was in Philly) for the first couple years and then Colin moved to DC a year after I did (2012) to grow the business with me. 

What’s your favorite part of owning a repair shop?

My favorite part of owning a repair shop is being able to work with my brother on a daily basis and being able to change/improve every part of the customer experience that annoys us at other businesses that we frequent.

What challenges have you faced to grow your business?

DSCF7018Hiring employees has been difficult for us. It’s a very fast paced environment in our office and every single customer that walks in the door needs to be able to walk away with a good experience. We like to think that we are “on stage” in our office and no customer deserves to have anything less than an awesome time.

Do you have advice for a new shop owner? 

Only buy the highest quality parts you can. You’ll save money and headaches by not having to see customers again for issues. We have heard that another repair shop in our area sees 50% of customers again for defective screen/parts issues.

How much time do you spend focusing on the customer experience?

DSCF7016Realistically we spend as much time talking about our customer experience as we do repairing devices. We have moved around our office layout at least 10 times, we moved into a space three times the size in order to have a better customer area, we built our newest office to have a dedicated counter built into the wall, etc. Without our customers we are nothing so we obsess the most on their experience. 

How did you come into contact with eTech? What keeps you coming back? 

We bought A1226 Macbook Pro LCD’s from eTech back when they sold on eBay. We then started buying directly from them shortly after. What keeps us coming back is the high level of service including a very generous return policy for defective parts. 

What does 2016 look like for CrackedMacScreen?

DSCF70152016 looks great for us. We predict 50% year over year growth from 2015 and we hope to have someone else in the office with us (we have one full time employee now) for the long haul.

How often do you monitor online reviews of your business?

Several times a day we refresh our Yelp page. We email every customer with a warranty email with review links so we have been very successful with getting quality reviews (we have 228 as of today).

Tell us a funny story about something that happened in your shop. DSCF7014

We repair lots of devices for politicians/government but we happened to fix an iPhone for actor Spencer Garrett who was in DC filming House of Cards.

We are so thankful to Trevor and CrackedMacScreen for the opportunity to catch up and tell their story. eTech Parts has grown with our customers, like Trevor and Colin, since 2008. Their dedication to the customer experience and dedication to quality inspires and motivates us daily to be the best in a competitive "Wild West" market. We are humbled by the opportunity to share such an inspirational story with the wireless repair community.

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