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  1. 2015 Apple Rollout Recap

    2015 Apple Rollout Recap
    As you recall from our annual eTech Parts 2015 Apple Rumor Roundup… there was a lot of speculation about what Apple has been up to. We waited patiently for this day to come. Just in case you didn't spend the two hours watching the event streaming live, as I did last week, here is quick summary of what we learned. Apple’s opening remarks warned about “monster announcements” for various product lines. So, what did we learn? Apple Event September Continue reading →
  2. 2015 Apple Rumor Roundup

    2015 Apple Rumor Roundup
    Word on the street (and throughout the tech industry) is that another big Apple release is around the corner. Just in case you haven’t had time to read through all of the “leaks” and rumors we put together our (drumroll please) annual eTech Parts Apple Rumor Roundup! "Leaked" images courtesy of 9to5mac   iPhone Rumors   Force Touch by Apple image...
  3. Apple Rumor Roundup

    Apple Rumor Roundup
    It’s that time of year again… With the release of the “first leaked images” of the rumored iPhone 6, I guess it’s safe to say the season of Apple Pre-Release Rumors is upon us! While the typical rumors of a “bigger screen and better camera” are of course present, this season of rumors has been especially intriguing for the tech...
  4. 4th Gen iPhone Leaked!! Look at This!

    According to the person who found it, this iPhone was running iPhone OS 4.0 before the iPhone 4.0 announcement. The person was able to play with it and see the iPhone 4.0 features. Then, Apple remotely killed the phone before we got access to it. We were unable to restore because each firmware is device specific—3GS firmware only loads on 3GS devices—and the there are no firmwares available for this unreleased phone. Which is another clue to its authenticity

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