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  1. The iPad 2 is the most frequently fixed iPad

    The iPad 2 is the most frequently fixed iPad
    After asking the Repair Community what iPhone models they fix the most, we had no choice but to ask the same about iPads. The team at eTech Parts is always curious to hear what our customers are up to and what they're seeing in their wireless repair shops. When we asked the Facebook community what iPad models they fix most...
  2. Repair Community Survey - Let's Get Technical

    Repair Community Survey - Let's Get Technical
    In our last edition of the Repair Community Infographic series, we took a closer look at how wireless repair shops conduct business across the United States. In this second edition of our survey infographic series, things get a little more technical as we dig deeper into the booming world of wireless repair. Continue reading →
  3. Wera & Wiha Giveaway Winners Announced!

    Wera & Wiha Giveaway Winners Announced!
    We had over a dozen fantastic entries for the Wera & Wiha Giveaway, in which we asked members of the Repair Community to show us what makes their repair shop special. Entrants posted to social media with pictures of their repair shops, work stations, tool sets and much more. Thanks to everyone who participated -- it was a tough contest...
  4. Inside the Repair Community: Infographic

    Inside the Repair Community: Infographic
    You may have noticed a recent survey we conducted, in which we asked the online Repair Community several questions ranging from repair shop operations to technical stuff, too. We gather this info to see what we at eTech Parts can do better to serve the wireless repair industry, as well as create helpful content specific to all aspects of this...
  5. Thank You

    Thank You
    As we pause to collectively reflect on the past year, we are humbled and inspired by the remarkable accomplishments of the Repair Community. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your growing Community of repair experts, business owners, skilled technicians, and friends. 2014 has been an amazing year for us here at eTech Parts -- between traveling the...
  6. Wera & Wiha GIVEAWAY!

    Wera & Wiha GIVEAWAY!
    That's right - it's time for a giveaway contest! Consider this our way of thanking the Repair Community for another fantastic year -- and our excuse to give FIVE of you creative folks some seriously awesome prizes! What prizes, you ask? You may have seen one of them in a recent eTech Parts Instagram post.. This totally exclusive screwdriver found...
  7. gTool iCorner in the Repair Community

    gTool iCorner in the Repair Community
    By now you've probably heard about the gTool iCorner, a revolutionary new iPhone repair tool that has taken the Repair Community by storm. While some skepticism still remains among those who haven't yet witnessed the magic bending power of the gTool iCorner, we've gotten an overwhelming response from the Repair Community! If you haven't yet tried the gTool iCorner, the...

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