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  1. Battery Isolation Tool Demo

    Battery Isolation Tool Demo
    Here at eTech Parts, we consider ourselves strong advocates for high quality service. From the premium parts for iPhones we sell to the level of customer service we offer every day, quality is always our first priority. This means we’re constantly looking for the latest and greatest parts, tools and accessories to offer our growing community of repair shops. Continue reading →
  2. iPad Mini w/ Retina LCD and Screen Replacement

    iPad Mini w/ Retina LCD and Screen Replacement
    eTech Parts is always looking for new ways to help our customers and the online Repair Community. We get requests every day to offer more repair-related information in the form of videos and tutorial guides. While repair videos and tutorials aren't our main focus here at eTech Parts, we want to offer as much valid information as possible to our...
  3. Apple Rumor Roundup

    Apple Rumor Roundup
    It’s that time of year again… With the release of the “first leaked images” of the rumored iPhone 6, I guess it’s safe to say the season of Apple Pre-Release Rumors is upon us! While the typical rumors of a “bigger screen and better camera” are of course present, this season of rumors has been especially intriguing for the tech...
  4. iPad Air Small Parts – PLUS Repair Tips & Tricks!

    iPad Air Small Parts – PLUS Repair Tips & Tricks!
    eTech Parts is pleased to announce we have small parts for iPad Air available now! Check out the latest addition to our huge selection of parts for iPads, iPhones, iPods and smartphones. eTech Parts has the flex cables, cameras, buttons and other internal parts necessary for repairing the iPad Air.   To the average consumer, the release of the iPad...
  5. Market Price Check: iPad 2 Repairs

    Market Price Check: iPad 2 Repairs
    Tablets are outselling PCs worldwide as consumers continue to find more great ways to utilize this amazing technology. Apple has sold over 170 million iPads since its release in 2010 and as more people switch to using tablets that number will continue to grow. Following the release of the iPad Air there will surely be an influx of people choosing...
  6. Top 5 Troubleshooting Tips for iPad Repair

    Top 5 Troubleshooting Tips for iPad Repair
    Here at eTech Parts we’re always looking for more ways to educate and inform our Repair Community. We get tons of requests for repair guides and videos, and lots of calls about troubleshooting repairs. Parts that don’t initially work as intended are often deemed “defective” right away, when in reality some simple troubleshooting often solves the issue. Taking the time...
  7. Everyone Loves a Price Drop

    Don't you just love a good deal? Here at eTech Parts, we do too; that's why we're dropping prices left and right on some of our best-selling products. Prices are steadily dropping for iPad 2 and iPad 3/4 screens, to save you money on the parts you need to get the job done.     iPad 2 Screens Glass and...
  8. Cut Yourself a Piece of Apple Pie

    Cut Yourself a Piece of Apple Pie
    Here at eTech Parts, we can’t help but notice all the reports released detailing the growth of Apple’s market share in the US and around the world. Job security, ‘miright? We also can’t help but notice our customers’ growing concerns about Samsung’s rise in emerging markets and the increasing difficulty of repairing Apple devices. At eTech Parts we realize the...
  9. Fitting the Mold

    Are you getting bent out of shape over that damaged iPad back cover? A warped iPad back cover can turn a challenging iPad repair into a nightmare in a matter of seconds, and replacement iPad back covers can be expensive and difficult to source.  After reading several concerns from users of the Repair Community we decided to take action and...
  10. NEW! Home Button Flex Cables for the iPad 4!

    After months of attempted acquisition of this elusive part, eTech Parts now has the Home Button Flex Cable for the iPad 4! Sourcing this part has proven a lot more difficult than we imagined, and seemingly so for everyone else as well. Luckily, the search is over – find our stock of Home Button Flex Cables for the iPad 4...

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