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  1. Featured Repair Shop : Spa City iRepair

    Featured Repair Shop : Spa City iRepair
    It isn’t often we pick favorites here at eTech Parts but out of all our wonderful customers, Miguel Brito is definitely one of the fan-favorites. Miguel Brito is the customer who can call with a complaint and still brighten your day. Always positive, pleasant and willing to share helpful feedback, Miguel Brito of Spa City iRepair is one of our...
  2. Featured Repair Shop : OZ Phone Fix

    Featured Repair Shop : OZ Phone Fix
    The life of a repair technician is not an easy one; this is especially true for repair technicians who own their own repair business. Working long hours to ensure business is running smoothly and repairing multiple devices each day makes it difficult to find time for family, friends, and yourself. We recently spoke with an inspiring woman who not only...
  3. Pros and Cons: Third Party Service Providers

    Pros and Cons: Third Party Service Providers
    People love their smartphones, and people love saving money. Two-year contracts are binding and people often can’t afford to buy an iPhone or Galaxy S4 outright at full cost. A way people save money on cell phone plans is by switching to an alternative third-party service provider. Third-party cellular service providers use the same cell towers as other carriers while...
  4. Market Price Check: iPhone 5 Repairs

    Market Price Check: iPhone 5 Repairs
    When Apple announced they would begin offering repairs on the iPhone 5 for $149, members of our Repair Community panicked: “Is anyone going to choose a third party repair shop over an authorized Apple repair?!” As it turns out, the answer is a resounding yes! The majority of iPhone users prefer local repair shops to Apple store repairs. In many...
  5. Fitting the Mold

    Are you getting bent out of shape over that damaged iPad back cover? A warped iPad back cover can turn a challenging iPad repair into a nightmare in a matter of seconds, and replacement iPad back covers can be expensive and difficult to source.  After reading several concerns from users of the Repair Community we decided to take action and...
  6. Featured Repair Shops : Where Are They Now?

    Featured Repair Shops : Where Are They Now?
    Over the past few months eTech Parts has taken you on a behind the scenes look into the lives of several business owners to share life stories and find out what it takes to successfully operate an electronic device repair shop. These amazing and inspiring stories are proof that commitment and hard work in the repair industry can take people...
  7. The Repair Community Defined: An Infographic

    The Repair Community Defined: An Infographic
    Recently at eTech Parts we surveyed members of our online Repair Community to ask them questions about various aspects of the industry and how they operate business on a daily basis. This is an accurate look at the iPhone, iPad and iPod repair business as of July 2013. Check it out - the results may surprise you!
  8. Hiring the Right People

    Hiring the Right People
    How do you know when it’s time to relinquish some control of your business and hire employees? Watch, listen and learn as Jenifer Schultz of CPR in Overland Park, KS and Garry Schumacher of iDoctor speak on the topics of hiring new technicians and relinquishing control to new employees. Jenifer speaks highly of her team of repair technicians, and...
  9. Featured Mobile Repair Business : Hayden Faison

    Featured Mobile Repair Business : Hayden Faison
      As a 20 year old fresh out of community college, Hayden Faison is doing very well for himself. Following the trend of young technicians getting into the iPhone repair business, Hayden is one of the youngest and brightest repair technicians we know. He’s made a great reputation for himself in his community and as one of eTech Parts’ top...
  10. The Survey Results are in!

    The Survey Results are in!
    Recently we asked members of our repair community to complete a survey about electronic device repair and the services eTech Parts offers.  Several of our customers completed this survey and received a promotion code for free shipping, and the response to the survey was outstanding! Over the next couple months eTech Parts will be sharing information from that survey to...

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