The tools we use day to day repairing devices become an extension of ourselves not only making the repair process easier but more enjoyable as well. Here are some of the tools that I, Tech Bob, use daily and recommend to any technician completing a repair.



I like to mix it up when it comes to screwdrivers as there are so many options, each with its own benefit. These are the screwdriver brands that I use:


  • iThor – High-end with a different take on the tip of a screwdriver with it almost being non-existent but providing one of the best screw grips I have every experienced in a driver.



  • BEST – Value version of the screwdrivers, but don’t let them fool you! For the price, they can go toe to toe with the big dogs. I’ve been using a set of these for over two years now and am just now starting to see some wear and tear.


My best friend when it comes to releasing adhesive during a repair is heat.

A heating pad makes the process of heating consistent, safe, and simple. I have used the larger version of the heating pad for about 3 years now and have never looked back. The new mini version is also a good option for smaller devices.



Opening Tools

The process of opening devices varies depending on the make and model; however, the tools I use to do so remain fairly consistent. These are the opening tools you won’t see me without when getting into a device:


  • Premium Opening Tool – Thin metal allows for easy damage free insertion when beginning the opening process.


  • Opening Picks – These are great for preventing a device sealed with adhesive from resealing as you work your way around the rest of the device to open.


  • Spudgers – These are good to use whenever additional leverage is needed in sensitive areas where a metal tool may cause damage.





Sealing Tools

Recreating a devices seal is important in preventing issues that may lead to repair warranties. These are the tools that I use to ensure that I won’t be getting a device back for warranty repair due to screen lifting:


  • Tesa Tape – The best adhesive I have found and the closest to tack and thickness of the adhesive used by OEM’s.


  • Red Tape – Slightly thicker than the Tesa alternative while still providing a powerful tack.


  • Adhesive Scissors – Believe it or not, these are actually from the sewing world used for cutting threads. Due to the sharp edge on them, they are great for cutting adhesive and not having it stick to the blades.


  • E8000 Liquid Adhesive There are some cases where the space isn’t there to use adhesive tape, this is where E8000 shines providing a strong hold in hard to reach places.


  • Adjustable Metal Clamps – The initial bond of an adhesive is imperative to the overall quality of the seal. These camps are great for making sure the adhesive makes full contact with both surfaces preventing any lift/separation from occurring.


Tool Organization

Being organized not only helps when finding the tools, you need in your work area, but also when disassembling and reassembling a device. These tools help keep my work area and repairs organized:


  • Tools Storage Box – This toolbox keeps all of my hand tools such as screwdrivers and tweezers organized making it quick to pull what I need for a repair.


  • Akro Mills Part Storage Box – I use this to keep the small parts for devices such as charging ports, cameras, and speakers, organized by device for quick pulling when needed.


  • Universal Magnet Mat – No matter what device I’m repairing, using this magnetic mat with gridded lines helps keep all my screws and components organized for an issue free reassembly.



Regardless if you’re new to repair or a pro, having the right tools is necessary to be prepared for whatever comes through the door. If you have any questions or are unsure which tool you need, give us a call at 1(800)-697-5538 and we’ll be happy to guide you!