The Test Box S200 is a great product to use if you find yourself needing to test new or buyback screens for iPhones. The Test Box S200 comes with a charging brick and cable along with the Test Box device. The Test Box S200 does not come with the individual cables needed to test the iPhones, however this product is universal to 13 different models of phones.  So if you have a test phone that you keep around, you run the risk of overuse of the FPC, which could cause long term damage.  The added cables for each model, helps to keep the FPC clear and

To use the Test Box S200 follow these steps:

Step 1: Plug in the iPhone

Step 2: Select the appropriate cable for the model you’re wanting to test

Step 3: Plug the cable into the Test Box S200

Step 4: Turn on the Test Box S200, you should see blinking lights

Step 5: Plug the iPhone screen into the Test Box S200 you should hear a beep

Step 6: Once the screen is plugged in you will use the ON/OFF button to toggle the screen being light or dark

Step 7:  The up & down arrows toggles through your screens you should see a white, red, green blue, dark grey gradient, centered dark rectangle, iPhone background, screen. It also includes an interactive screen to test the touch feature. If you hold MODE during this screen you can also test in a tracing mode.  These screens are vital for testing for any pressure points or discoloration on the screen.

TECH TIP: Be sure to toggle through all the screen colors as damage may show up on one color and not another color.

When it comes to testing your screen the two things you’re looking for is

  1. Make sure the image or display doesn’t have any imperfections in it (ie. Bright spots, discoloration, bleeding)
  2. Make sure that your touch fully functions

Testing between different iPhone models is quick with the Test Box S200 as opposed to using the device to test. If you run into any issues while using this device try reconnecting the power which fixes the majority of any issue you will have.

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