The launch of the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max on September 20th brings us Apples most advanced mobile devices to date. As always when new devices release, we raise the question, can they still be repaired?

Screen Replacement

We have confirmed that when swapping the screen on and iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max that a notification presents itself stating that the device is unable to verify that a genuine Apple display is present. This was confirmed with using 2 identical phones with original Apple displays. This confirms that thee EEPROM serial of the display is verified during the device boot process. Although the message displays, there is no issue with the function of the display. This message is specific to iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max devices running iOS 13 or newer.

The "Important Display Message" Being Shown in iOS 13

Battery Replacement

The new line of devices also encounter the battery health issue notification that is present in the XS, XS Max, and XR line of devices. Replacing the battery causes the service message to appear in the battery health of the device regardless of the type of battery used (original or aftermarket). This again is due to the verification of the battery serial number upon device boot up. The message does not cause any issues related to performance or function of the device.

The "Important Battery Message" being displayed in iOS 13.

So, can we repair these devices?

Yes. The parts are still fully replaceable on these devices with the software notification being the only setback, for the time being. As with all new devices, software updates are frequently released, fixing bugs in the software as well as issues that the public draws attention to. A few examples of this are device throttling and the error 53 issue in the past. We will continue to provide updates as new software and developments are released regarding the repairability and function of these devices.