Many times, when a customer seeks your help with a phone that is experiencing signs of water damage, they will be able to share if there was an event that caused the phone to malfunction. This event could be something like accidentally dropping the device in a pool or in a tub of water. Knowing this key information expedites the troubleshooting process to confirm water damage.

However, sometimes liquid damage occurs without a clear culprit; a wet or damp environment can erode parts over time. Without a clear cause of a broken device, how can you tell if a phone has liquid damage?


1. The device is not powering on. Often times, when a device is taken in and is not powering on, liquid damage is the culprit.

2. The LCI’s (Liquid Contact Indicators) are a pink or red color.

3. Rust, corrosion, or oxidation can be seen on the metal components of the device.

- Tech Bob