With upward of 500 million iOS devices sold to date, and the growing importance placed on these devices in everyday life, it’s no surprise to see so many accessories for iDevices available on the market. People seemingly can’t survive without their iPhones and love toys that enhance the use and enjoyment of these devices. Some accessories are incredibly useful, while others are simply created for aesthetics – and then there are those that are just plain ridiculous.

1. Real Black Pepper Bottle Cell Phone Strap


Introducing a different kind of pepper spray iPhone accessory, this bottle of black pepper straps onto the iPhone for portability and convenience. I guess this can be equated to people carrying their own hot sauce, but do people even do that anymore? And who really needs black pepper connected to their iPhone at all times? There are more questions than answers here, but Strapya World assures customers that the black pepper can be refilled. Whew.

2. iPotty


I’m not a parent and I’m definitely no expert on the subject, but it seems this iPad-equipped toddler toilet would be very distracting for both child and parent during the potty training process – and probably unsanitary as well.

3. Umbilical Cord iPhone Charger

Umbilical Cord

Now, thanks to Japanese artist Mio I-zawa who created this umbilical cord charger for the iPhone, you can pretend your iPhone is actually attached to your body. Personally this one just freaks me out. See it in action here - because yes, this device actually moves.


4. TV Hat

TV Hat

Talk about the ultimate iPhone privacy system! I’d be astounded if anyone actually used this more than once before being embarrassed to death. And for only $29.99, what a bargain!


5. Hand Case for iPhone 4/4S

Hand Case

For all the lonely people out there, or for those who just want a hand with their iPhone – literally – this creepy hand iPhone case will come in handy!


6. The ThiPad


Just imagine: a block of foam strapped to your leg with parachute buckles, a non-slip grip, and one set viewing angle. This hands-free tablet stand is geared towards musicians, and as a musician myself I can imagine the appeal. I can also imagine the slightest knee-jerk sending my iPad flying across the room.


7. iCarta Dock and Toilet Paper Holder


This bathroom docking system makes me want to Lysol everything…


8. iTee and iDress


Those crazy Aussie’s are at it again! Though not exactly wearable technology, these dresses and t-shirts are coined the “world’s first iPad compatible clothes.” How snazzy!


9. iRock – iPad Rocking Chair


For $1300 you can get a sleek rocking chair in your choice of 5 different colors – and the coolest part? This rocking chair is a self-sufficient iPad/iPhone dock and sound station with built-in speakers in the backrest, with a generator that turns the rocking motion into energy for your iPad. Maybe this invention is due in part to the increase of iPad apps for senior citizens?


10. iPro Lens System


This accessory is actually pretty awesome, and I can see it being useful for photographers on the go. It includes a case with three high-quality detachable iPhone lenses and a handle which doubles as a lens case and tripod mount adapter. For a reasonable price of $299 you can get all of this for an iPhone 4/4S, with production currently in the works for the iPhone 5.