The iPhone 11 has recently seen a surge of touch related issues which have been acknowledged by many including Apple. This article covers the common symptoms, causes, resolutions.  We have also included a summary on the recently introduced Apple Display Module Replacement Program to address the issue for affected devices.

Common Symptoms

  • Touch not responding at all or only in certain places
  • Touch screen moving on its own while the screen or device is not being touched
  • Touch intermittently working

Common Causes and Resolutions

(Ensure to disconnect/reconnect the battery when changing screens)

  • Cause: Display flex not fully connected
    • Resolution: Carefully disconnect and reconnect the screen ensuring that the display flex cables are fully seated into the connectors on the board.
  • Cause: Pinched flex cable between screen and frame
    • Resolution: Ensure the display flex is not pinched between the screen and frame. Inspect the flex cables to ensure that damage is not present. Use a spudger to carefully push the flex out of the way when sealing the device.
  • Cause: Defective screen
    • Resolution: Test/install a new or different screen. If the issues persist, the cause is most likely related to the board and not the screen.
  • Cause: Software issues
    • Resolution: Go to Settings/General/Reset/Reset All Settings. This will typically clear any software related items conflicting with the new display.

Apple Display Module Replacement Program

  • Coverage is for affected devices manufactured from November 2019 to May 2020.
  • Check your device serial by using Apple’s serial number checking database.
  • Follow service instructions using an Apple Authorized Provider, Apple Retail Store, or Mail-in Apple Repair Center.
  • Apple may provide a refund if your device was repaired to resolve the touch related issue.
  • More info on the program can be found here