When it comes to the mobile repair business, unfortunately there are very few options for cell phone repair training. For those wanting to attend higher learning schools specifically for cell phone repair their options are very limited. In most cases, cell phone repair is learned through trial and error. Whether it be watching YouTube videos to fix your broken device or ordering parts with minimal instructions from Amazon and Ebay. Most people learn cell phone repair on their own. The cell phone repair industry is worth roughly 4 billion dollars and it is continuously growing. When fixing mobile devices transitions from a hobby to a business the primary focus becomes profit. The more repairs that a business completes successfully, the more profitable they become. However, the repairs that are not successful usually will cost the business a huge chunk of that profit. In most cases, unsuccessful repairs can be attributed to a lack of experience with a specific device or poor techniques. What's the solution to his problem? Cellphone repair training! Let's dive into some of the details about cellphone repair training.


Do I need training?

It really comes down to how comfortable your business is with cell phone repair. If you are a new start-up company, we highly recommend these training courses so that you and your team have confidence in completing successful repairs. If you are a company that has been around for a while, but you are not doing so well with cellphone repair, this would be a great option. Remember, practice makes perfect.

How does it work?

Cell phone repair training is led by an industry professional with years of experience in the field. These in-depth trainings can be done in person or over video conference. eTech provides different training options on our website which you can find here.

What does training consist of?

Trainings are customizable. If there are devices that your team is not comfortable with repairing, we can get those devices in your hands along with an expert to teach you how to fix it.

Why should I get training?

Some of the benefits of training include:

A confident repair team

Cut down on unsuccessful repairs

Get inside infomation and resources from experts

Hands-on training


Now that we have covered the benefits of cell phone repair training, don't wait until another unsuccessful repair to get your team trained up. If you are considering starting your own repair shop, make sure you have training on day one from the industry leading experts!