An unknown error occurred (3004) was the message I got when trying to install the new IOS5 software on my iPhone 4.  I was already impatient after waiting 2 hours to download and install the iTunes update required for iOS5 from the overloaded Apple server that was releasing data at a snails pace.  Two of my employees, Jeff and Franck, Started the process right at 10AM PST and neither of them had much trouble but my daughter and I had a heck of a time.  On my first attempt I got this message about the server being unavailable.

Then on my second try I got this message about error 3004

After this my iPhone 4 was stuck in recovery mode and unusable so I had no choice but to forge ahead and try again. My daughter, who unfortunately is out of state, was getting them same error 3004 message and had an even harder time trying to load iOS5.  I finally got it to go but it took another couple hours to restore.  In fact, I had to interrupt the sync so I could get home at a reasonable time.  Im syncing this morning and looking forward to spending some time getting to know iOS5.  There are soo many great new features.

I hope everyone is able to get iOS5 loaded smoothly and enjoys the 200 new features.  Have a great day!