What is an LCD Buyback Program?

LCD Buyback Programs are a service that allows you to sell your broken, unwanted end-user screens for extra profit. Most programs allow you to simply pack up your screens, ship them out, wait 24-48 hours, and then receive payment or store credit.  Utilizing an effective buyback program can add an additional 8-10% profit to your average repair or allow you to provide promotional pricing to drive sales without severely impacting your overall profit.

How are screens valued and graded?

There are a wide variety of buyback programs in the market with various grading criteria and values. Most programs provide at least three levels of grading with specific amounts at each level. See our grading scales for an example. In addition, the following general guidelines help you better understand what drives higher value for your broken and used screens.

  • Models – newer phone model screens yield much higher buyback value than those that have been on the market for several years.
  • Condition – displays with less damage such as cracked glass but good display and flex cables provide better value
  • Functionality – screens with display or touch issues, black light damage, or dead spots in the touch screen are graded lower and are worth less.
  • OEM – screens that are original OEM screens are always worth more than aftermarket screens
  • Market demand – prices fluctuate weekly based on market demand. The sooner you can get your broken screens to your buyback provider the better the payout will be for you. Also look for programs that lock in your price at time of shipment.

Why should you use LCD Buyback Programs?

  • Additional revenue and profit – allowing you to earn an extra $8-$12 per repair
  • Helps offset cost associated with promotional offers and discounts. You can offer $20 off a typical $100 repair which will drive demand and still maintain the same GM%
  • Good for the environment – prevents e-waste from reaching landfills

 How can you maximize your buyback profits?

  • Proper packaging prevents damage during transit. Damaged screens will lower the total buyback payout. See our tipsfor the best way to package your screens.
  • Send original displays – original screens have higher value, sending non-original screens will have little to no value
  • Avoid damaging screens during removal process in repair – damage lowers the buyback value. Avoid burning or adding excessive pressure to the screen on when removing from the device.
  • Send them in quickly – market pricing constantly changing, the longer you wait to send in the screens, the more the value you lose.
  • Only use programs with a price lock for when buyback is shipped – the moment the screens are shipped, the pricing is locked in regardless of the change in the market.

Don’t wait, visit our Buyback Page and start increasing your profits today while doing good for the environment