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Osaka 7 LOCA Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive, 30mL

Osaka 7 LOCA Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive, 30mL

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Osaka 7 LOCA Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive

Repairs up to 10 devices, 30mL/cc

Highest quality LOCA on the market. Great for re-repairs and small screen devices. Easy to use for beginner to experienced technician.

Liquid optically-clear adhesive LOCA is a liquid-based bonding technology used in touch panels and display devices to bind the cover lens, plastic or other optical materials to the main sensor unit or to each other. Adhesives are used to improve the optical characteristics of the device as well as improve other attributes such as durability.

The primary advantage of LOCA, when compared to traditional adhesives, is its re-workable property and ability to bind to non-even surfaces, while continuing to add superior optical properties and durability to the device. The technology is the next iteration of bonding technology that follows traditional die-cut film adhesives, also known as Optically Clear Adhesives OCA Tape. Utilizing LOCA also allows for thinner designs and new technologies, such as the use of silicone, improve the properties of the final product.

Remove all safety pins/caps. Apply steady pressure to plunger. Apply 1mL-3mL depending on target size LCD/Glass. Make a single line across the longest area. Apply glass long way first at angle, and slowly ease the other side down. Make sure buttons, camera, proximity, and sensors are aligned correctly. Cure in UV light for 3 minutes.
Caution: Ultra Violet Light Sensitive. Keep out of direct sunlight

The glass only repair for android and iOS devices requires special training and investment in additional appropriate equipment, shop for tools for glass only repairs

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