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3-Speciality Screwdrivers (Pentalobe, Phillips PH000 & i7 Tri- Point)

3-Speciality Screwdrivers (Pentalobe, Phillips PH000 & i7 Tri- Point)

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Made of high-quality steel, you will experience long-lasting ownership and use of these screwdrivers. Each screwdriver holds a "no-slip" grip of the screw, and the rotating head and bearings allow for one handed use, freeing up the other hand to hold components while fastening or removing screws.

Phillips PH000 (Brown)
This screwdriver is used for the Phillips screw found inside of mode mobile devices.

Pentalobe 0 (Green)
This screwdriver is used for removing the first 2 screws requiring removal when repairing an iPhone.

Tri-Point 0.6 (Red)
This screwdriver is used exclusively on the iPhone 7 and newer for removing the Tri-point screws located inside of the device.


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