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Tristar Tester (Lightning Port PCB)
Tristar Tester (Lightning Port PCB)

Tristar Tester (Lightning Port PCB)

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Use this Tristar Tester (Lightning Port PCB) to identify if the Tristar IC of a device is malfunctioning and requires replacement.

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Compatible with and detailed description:

  • Compatible with all lightning port enabled Apple devices.

Instructions for use:

  1. Connect PCB to the device by plugging into the lightning port of the device
  2. Set your multimeter to the continuity setting
  3. Touch one probe to the "1" point which is ground
  4. Touch the other probe to each of the other numbers reviewing the reading each time. If a value is not shown or OL (open line), this line does not have continuity and confirms that the Tri-star is not fully functional on the device requiring replacement of the IC

*Multimeter required for use*