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  • You will receive a confirmation email with labels for shipping your packages to eTech shortly. If you do not receive your confimation email within 24 hours please contact 
  • After confirmation you are approved, please ship your displays within 24 hours of approval to receive quoted prices.
  • If you are unable to ship your packages within the 24 hour window, quoted prices are subject to change due to market conditions.  

It's time to package your broken LCDs

Please be sure to carefully read all instructions below to ensure highest possible value.

Click here for additional packaging recommendations                                                                                                

Option 1: Bundling                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

  • Be sure the cables on the assemblies are facing the same direction
  • No more than 10 screens in a bundle with a rubber band around 

Option 2: Wrapping

  • Avoid assemblies coming in direct contact
  • Alternate placing screens face up and down as you wrap 

Boxing Up:

  • No more than 250 screens per box
  • Fill any empty space in the box with bubble wrap or packing paper

Please print this page for detailed instructions on shipping your products.
You may also click here to download and save a PDF version.

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