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1mm x 36yd Red Tape Adhesive
1mm x 36yd Red Tape Adhesive 1mm x 36yd Red Tape Adhesive

1mm x 36yd Red Tape Adhesive

Premium double sided Red Tape adhesive for your phone and tablet repair.

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  • This tool is universal.

Premium Plus Red Tape Universal Adhesive 1mm x 36yd, Premium Plus DC Film, Polyester, Red, Universal. This double-sided adhesive tape consists of a transparent polyester film and acrylic adhesive which offers excellent immediate adhesion performance. Its secure reliable bonding strength provides immediate usability right after assembly. The adhesive system is especially resistant to plasticizers and offers a secure bond even at elevated temperatures. This product is ideal for the mounting of battery packs, lenses and touch-screens in electronic devices. Particularly useful when assembling glass and digitizer assemblies to frames in iPhones, iPods and iPads.

High tack - quick stick
Excellent sheer strength
Adherence to a variety of substrates
Excellent conformability to irregular surfaces

SPECIFICATIONS: Adhesion to Steel: 88 oz/in.
Thickness Tape: 5.0 mils
Liner: 3.2 mils
Total: 8.2 mils
Tensile Strength: 15 lbs/in.
Elongation: 50
Service Temperature: 0F to 250F
Moisture Resistance: Good
Conformability: Excellent
Quick Stick: Excellent
Adhesion to a Variety of Substrates: Excellent
Shelf Life: 1 year

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