Today I'm covering three quick ways to correctly repair the iPhone XR, including critical factors you will need to watch out for during the repair process.

Proximity/Speaker Flex

The proximity/speaker flex cable length does not allow for much movement while the display assembly is connected. Use extreme caution while opening this device because the flex is easily damaged. While opening the device, do not use any sharp tools, as they could easily cause damage to the flex or any other components within the device. Lastly, avoid over-extending this cable while it is still plugged into the board because it will easily tear.


The iPhone XR is the first iPhone in which you need to remove three (3) brackets before replacing the display assembly (previous iPhone models had only the battery bracket and the LCD display connector bracket). The iPhone XR has a battery bracket, a display connector bracket as well as another bracket at the top of the board which holds down the proximity/speaker flex. Always verify that all 3 brackets are removed before trying to remove the iPhone XR display assembly.

Bonus Tip – during every repair, the battery should be the first flex cable disconnected. This will prevent short-circuiting of the logic board, and will protect the device.

SIM Card Reader

The iPhone XR is the first iPhone to feature a modular and removable SIM card reader. Located inside the device on the logic board, the SIM card reader can easily become damaged when a SIM card is installed incorrectly.  In previous iPhone models, the SIM reader could be replaced by utilizing micro-soldering techniques; however, it was not an easy task.

A damaged SIM card reader can cause...

  1. the device to not recognize the SIM card (will say “No SIM”),
  2. cell service to become intermittent,
  3. cell service to not work at all,
  4. or it can even prevent the sim tray from being inserted or ejected.

Should this occur in the iPhone XR, the modular replacement part makes this a simple repair - no micro-soldering required.

-Tech Bob