Get More Bang For Your Buyback

Now until Friday, we’ll buy back your broken iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus screens at a higher price than average. We can’t think of a better time than now to take advantage of our eTech Buyback program!


We’ll give you an extra $1 per iPhone 6s screen and an extra $3 per iPhone 6s Plus screen. That’s $28 for each broken iPhone 6s screen and $51 for iPhone 6s Plus in good working condition.


Follow the steps below to take advantage of this limited time buyback offer:

  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. Submit your buyback request by Friday, Feb 17th
  3. Ship broken screens to eTech by Monday, Feb 20th
  4. Get paid within 7-10 days of delivery


It’s that easy! If you’ve got a box of broken phone screens sitting in the corner of your shop, now is a great time to take advantage of eTech’s Buyback program. We accept a variety of Samsung screens and LCD screens from older iPhone models as well. Learn more about our Buyback Program and see how much cash you can make from selling back your broken screens.

Now for the not-too-small print: 25 screen minimum, some restrictions apply. See terms and conditions for more details. Please contact your eTech Parts Plus account representative at 913-839-1718 with any questions or concerns. 

Later Shipping Times and USPS, too

After listening to our customers and members of the Repair Community, we’re happy to announce our extended shipping cutoff schedule and USPS delivery option.

eTech Parts Plus

That’s right – eTech now offers USPS for small orders*!

Check out our new shipping schedule below to see how eTech can help you get the parts and tools you need to keep business running smoothly.


Shipping Schedule Cutoff Times

Monday – Friday

USPS Shipping – 12:00PM CST
FedEx Ground – 4:00PM CST
FedEx Overnight – 6:30PM CST
Friday Overnight + Saturday Delivery – 4:30PM CST



Saturday Overnight + Monday Delivery – 12:30PM CST 

*Please note: Your order must be 1 LB or under to qualify for USPS shipping.


We hope our new shipping schedule helps ease your day-to-day parts ordering process. As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We’re happy to help however we can. Be sure to find us on Facebook and Twitter, and stay tuned for more from eTech Parts Plus!

How To Set Your Prices

How to Set Your Prices: A Guide for Phone Repair Shops

Scour the web for information on how phone repair shops set their prices and you’ll be disappointed with the results – there’s just not much publicized advice out there on what to charge your customers for phone repairs. Are the repair techs hiding something? It’s no secret that anyone can easily find out phone repair profit margins with a little bit of research on the costs of replacement parts and the average cost of a repair. But how do repair shops set their prices? We asked Ryan Galvan, owner of a phone repair shop in Pensacola, Florida in an impromptu interview, how he goes about pricing his repairs.



Over the last 8 years, eTech has built our reputation in the repair industry by delivering quality parts, tools, and education to hundreds of repair shops nationwide. As our industry evolves, eTech is proud to announce an exciting new change. On Sept 28th eTech parts was officially acquired by a private equity group headquartered in Texas which owns several other companies involved in the mobile device repair industry. The new ownership brings tremendous additional resources and capabilities to eTech.

As a result of the acquisition, we are pleased to announce our new name, eTech Parts Plus. While the majority of the eTech way will carry on, we will be making significant improvements and investments to better serve our customers.

Here are some highlights that will be coming in the weeks ahead:

  • Our increased size and scale enables us to deliver quality parts at the best possible cost to you.
  • Stringent testing protocols required today by our enterprise customers will be applied to ALL parts we source, ensuring the best quality parts in the market today.
  • Lifetime Warranty will now be offered on all parts purchased from eTech Parts Plus.
  • Knowledge is the key to successful repairs. We will be introducing a large scale knowledge base that will include instructional videos, printed guides, important technical updates and bulletins.
  • Live technical support/chat will be available to all customers to help diagnose problems and assist repair technicians with completing difficult repairs.
  • Rapid response advanced depot repair center; Sometimes mistakes happen during the repair process. Our advanced mail-in repair depot is your backstop for repairs gone wrong. Offering micro soldering, FPC repair, touch IC and other 2nd level repair capabilities for our repair center partners via overnight mail-in service.
  • To ensure consistent quality and clear value of the “Grade” you are purchasing, we will be consolidating the number of lines/grades of products previously offered.*MasterTech training tour; In addition to custom training sessions, our Master Technicians will be bringing the training to you with our national training tour. This tour will host trainings in large metropolitan areas around the country allowing you to provide additional training to your team without added travel costs.

To encourage you to try the new eTech Parts Plus we will hosting a Grand Reopening sale starting October 10th.

Each day of the week we will be offering a new special promotion, so check back to the site daily and see how we can help you deliver quality repairs while improving your bottom line.

Click here each day for all special promotions. Deal of the Day!

Thank you again for your loyalty, we look forward to building the future of device repair!

The eTech Parts Plus Team

LOCA LCDGlue: The Clear Choice for Glass-Only Repair

LOCA LCDGlue: The Clear Choice for Glass-Only Repair


Always on the lookout for quality products, we are excited to announce a new partnership with LCDGlue. This quality Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive (LOCA) is cured using ultraviolet light. Use of LOCA in wireless repair includes bonding OLED and LCD units to new glass during glass-only repairs. Technicians choose LOCA when transparency is non-negotiable.

Why LCD Glue and the Reasons eTech Training prefers it:

Here at eTech Parts and eTech Training we pride ourselves in supplying high quality parts and tools. With this in mind, we are now carrying LCD Glue and it is what we consider the highest quality LOCA (liquid optical clear adhesive) for glass only refurbishment. Listed below are some of the major reasons we use LCD Glue compared to other brands on the market.

Why LCD Glue:
  • Clarity : Most brands of LOCA will start to show a “yellowing” after curing the adhesive under a UV light or after several weeks of refurbishing. LCD Glue has yet to show any yellowing at all. This product also has a clarity of 99.5%. You can see the difference in how vivid and clear the LCD Glue is compared to other LOCA products.
  • Shelf life: LCD Glue has a shelf life of 1 year. The product comes in completely blacked out tubes so there is no possibility of UV rays diminishing the life of the LOCA.
  • Ease of use: LCD Glue is easy to work with and has fast curing time under a UV light. This makes it easier to fix mistakes during the refurbishment process and also allows for quicker clean-up time.

The Woman Behind the Wireless Repair EXPO


With over 15 years’ experience in marketing, retail and wireless, Michelle James is no stranger to building things from the ground up – in fact, it might be what she’s best at. After 9 years spent creating innovative sales solutions and in-store campaigns as Marketing Director for Levi Strauss & Co., Michelle lived “a marketer’s dream” as an essential part of the team that helped mobile phone company Nokia climb to #1 global market share. Since then, Michelle has supported wireless retailers nationwide in publishing, event production, brand management and now, for the past three years has rallied the entire wireless repair community together to build the Wireless Repair EXPO from the ground up.   eTech Parts had an opportunity to chat with Michelle for an exclusive interview about how her former role as Marketing Director at Nokia sparked her passion for helping entrepreneurs, her thoughts on the future of wireless repair, and what you can expect from the 3rd annual Wireless Repair EXPO 2016 at CTIA Super Mobility 2016.

Hakko Equipment Arrives at eTech Parts

Hakko Equipment Arrives at eTech Parts

Like with any repair, soldering requires the right tools. It is tempting to purchase the most inexpensive tool for the job. Always remember that savinghakko_soldering_station_fx888d-23by money is not worth sacrificing your time and safety. Quality equipment is often more energy efficient, safer for you or your technician, and less likely to accidentally damage the device you are repairing. Protection by a warranty is an additional benefit when you purchase quality equipment. Hakko is a product that wireless repair technicians have trusted for years for these reasons.

Our Top 7 Samsung Galaxy S7 Durability Test Videos

We LOVE durability test videos!

The sleeker smartphones get, the more exciting it is to see them put to their physical limits. Have your customers brought you any extraordinarily demolished Samsung Galaxy S7 devices yet? Feel free to share photos on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with us! In honor of the fallen Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge devices that have already had to visit your wireless repair shop, here are 7 of our favorite videos showing Samsung Galaxy S7 durability:

 How does the Galaxy S7 stand up when put in a blender?

Spring 2016 iPhone 6 Screen Replacement Market Watch

Spring 2016 iPhone 6 Screen Replacement Market Watch

branded-Phone-6-screen-replacement-spring-market-watchWe asked the wireless repair community to share their location and what they are currently charging for an iPhone 6 screen replacement. This sparked a great conversation not only about pricing but about topics such as glass-only repair, offering multiple screen options to customers, and what service add-on’s different wireless repair shops include in their pricing. For purposes of this post, we included the price of a full assembly swap but if you’d like to see the original conversations please check out our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds. We are so thankful to all who participated including members of the international wireless repair community in Ireland, the Netherlands, and the UK. Here is a break down by region as well as some other quick facts brought to you by the wireless repair community.

How to use eTech Parts Store Credit

Have you earned credit through our LCD Buyback program? New to eTech Parts?How to Use eTech Parts Store Credit If so, you may be wondering how to take advantage of that store credit. Don’t worry, it is easy!

To check your credit balance, enter your account. On the bottom of the left sidebar you will find “My Store Credit.” Simply click here to view your current balance. Now that you know how much credit you have, you can start shopping on our website!

How to use your eTech CreditWhen you’re ready to check out, select the top option for method of payment to use your store credit. Store credit can be used to purchase parts, tools, accessories, or even training! Which will you be purchasing with your store credit?

We look forward to working with you and hope you take this opportunity and store credit to experience eTech Parts Risk Free. Not just our part quality and time saving precision tools, but the real difference, the support our staff provides to help you grow your business. If you still have some questions, your eTech Parts Representative is always here to help. Call 913-839-1718 or use our Rep Map to connect with them.