New and Improved RMA Process

At eTech we believe buying cell phone repair parts should be easy — and if something doesn’t work right, fixing it should be easy too. If a part doesn’t work as intended, the return and replacement should be a simple process. No questions, no 30-day time limits, and certainly no restocking fees.

That’s how it should be — but when it comes to buying wholesale parts for iPhone, not many suppliers can match those standards.

It’s our goal to make purchasing wholesale parts the easiest part of your job. Owning and operating a cell phone repair shop isn’t easy, but returning defective parts to your supplier should be.


eTech Parts Plus wholesale iPhone repair parts


That’s why we’re improving our RMA process to make it easier than ever with FREE return shipping, NO restocking fees, new easy-to-use software, and a lifetime warranty on all returns.


eTech Returns & RMA’s


NO restocking fees We’ve never been a fan of restocking fees. Now we’re taking them away for good, so you’ll get a refund for the price you paid when you bought the part. If the price of the part has fluctuated since your purchase, no worries. You’ll still get refunded the price on your initial invoice.

NO return shipping
  That’s right, we’re even covering the cost to ship your returns! Once you submit your RMA request using our brand new RMA software, you can print a label directly from our system under “My Account.”

New! RMA software
  Submit, click, ship…and that’s it! Thanks to our new RMA software integration, returning products to eTech is now an easy 3-step process. Just submit your RMA request, click to print your shipping label, and ship us your returns! We promise to get them processed within 5-7 business days.


Store credit – More freedom to order as you please. We’ll give you store credit for the cost you paid, allowing you to order whatever your shop needs most. You can order replacements you need this week or stock up on parts you’ll need in the future.


At the end of the day, returns should be rare in occurrence and easy to process. That’s our philosophy here at eTech and one we’re happy to pass along to you. We hope you can benefit from easier RMA’s, so you can get your replacement parts as soon as possible, with no added fees or incurred shipping costs. Contact us today at 913-839-1718 with any questions or concerns and we’ll be happy to help your cell phone repair shop!

Now Accepting iPad and MacBook Buybacks!

Not sure what to do with those broken LCDs from MacBooks and iPads in your repair shop? You’re in luck — eTech now has your answer.

We’re rolling out an extension to our current LCD buyback program, to include broken MacBook LCDs as well as broken iPad LCDs and LCD screen assemblies. Here’s a sneak peak into our new extended LCD buyback program!



Automated Online Entry — Coming Soon!

Check out our iPad and MacBook LCD buyback page for pricing and more details. Soon you’ll be able to submit your buyback request as easily as you can when selling broken iPhone screens to eTech. Stay tuned while we iron out the details of our online form to make the process as easy as possible.

For now, follow the steps below to submit your buyback request today!


  1. Email [email protected] and list the quantity and types of screens you wish to submit
  2. Receive a shipping label to cover the cost of sending your screens to eTech
  3. Carefully package your MacBook and/or iPad LCDs for safe shipping
  4. Receive payment for your buyback within 5-7 days


It’s that easy! And as an added benefit, for the rest of March we’re offering an additional 5% bonus on your total buyback of 50 screens or more. That’s an extra 5% credit on top of your entire buyback — and the best deal you’ll find for your broken LCDs. There is a 10 screen minimum, please contact your sales rep for more details.

As always, reach out to our team at 913-839-1718 with any questions or concerns. Find us on Facebook and be sure to tell your friends how to get a better deal on LCD buybacks with eTech.

iPad mini 4 Smart Cover Sensor Issues

Here at eTech, a few customers have run into some issues with the iPad mini 4 Smart Cover sensor on replacement screens. On each new replacement iPad mini 4 screen, there is a sensor flex cable which must be transferred from the original broken screen to the new screen. This sensor does not come attached to the screen and must be transferred prior to replacement.

The sensor is located on the back of the screen under a small piece of black tape and requires micro soldering and board level repair skills to properly replace.


If this sensor is not transferred during screen replacement, a number of issues may occur:

Essentially, if the sensor is not on the screen, it will cause the device to think it is in ‘Smart Cover’ mode all the time. When attaching the screen, it may power up at first but then quickly go black. It may only respond when you hold down the power button, then prompt you to “slide to power off” the device. When a smart cover is attached, the power button will only work if you long-press it and not when you tap to wake or put the screen to sleep.

There are a number of factors that can cause issues during a repair. If these issues sound familiar or you’re having similar troubles with an iPad mini 4 screen replacement, it may be due to the smart cover sensor. Make sure this flex cable is transferred and properly soldered to the new screen before proceeding.

Have you ever run into this issue? What other symptoms are typical with this type of repair? Do you have any helpful repair tips to share with the Repair Community? Let us know in the comments below and as always, contact your eTech sales representative with any questions or concerns.

Just in time for Spring Cleaning..

Over the past few months, we’ve improved our buyback process to offer the wireless repair industry’s simplest broken screen recycling solution. With daylight saving’s time this weekend and Spring right around the corner, what better time to clean shop and clear out those old, broken Samsung and iPhone screens?

Now through the end of March, recycle 50+ screens with eTech and we’ll give you an extra 5% bonus on your total buyback!


eTech Parts Screen Buyback
That’s an additional 5% on your entire buyback. This added bonus won’t last long — and the longer those screens sit in the corner of your shop, the less value you’ll get out of them overall.

Learn more about our eTech Buyback Program and follow the steps below to submit your buyback request.


  1. Login to your eTech wholesale account
  2. Go to
  3. Fill out form & submit buyback request
  4. Carefully package broken screens
  5. Ship within 7 days of request


And that’s it! eTech makes it easy to get more money for your broken screens, with a better yield and faster turnaround than other recycling services. As always, let us know if you have any questions or concerns, or if you need assistance with your buyback request.

3 Reasons Why eTech Buyback is a Better Deal

When it comes to selling back your broken screens for cash, there are a ton of screen buyback and recycling options to choose from. Most wholesale suppliers offer buyback or recycling programs of some sort, and with countless options at your fingertips, it can be difficult to choose one that’s right for you.

Over the past 6 months, the team at eTech has worked to improve our screen buyback process for the benefit of the Repair Community. It’s our goal to create a seamless recycling program and we’d love for you to join us.

Read more to find out why you should try eTech’s buyback program and check out our LCD Buyback page for full details. Please note: You will need to login to your eTech Wholesale account to submit a buyback request.


eTech Screen Buyback



1) Faster payment

One reason you’ll love recycling with eTech is our super-fast turnaround time. We work with our customers to provide a quick turnaround for faster payment and a simpler process. Each buyback is processed within 5-7 business days from shipment to payment. You’ll gain access to your credit much sooner than you would with other stateside suppliers. This is a huge benefit that can make all the difference when buying parts and tools for your cell phone repair business.



2) More $$ per screen

Though the market fluctuates, our team at eTech commits to offering competitive prices for all your broken screens. At the timing of this blog, we are offering $12 for iPhone 6 screens, $31 for iPhone 6s, and $51 for the iPhone 7. Be sure to check prices often as they are subject to change. Despite normal fluctuations in the recycling market, we will always work with you to offer the best buyback price possible.

We also accept more than only iPhone screens. If you have broken Galaxy S3 screens, Note 4 screens, or a screen from a recent Samsung device, there’s a good chance we’ll take it off your hands for a better price.



3) Higher average yields

Have you checked out the yield report from your current recycling partner?  Here at eTech our current yield averages 68% when screens are properly removed from the old device and carefully packaged for shipping. This is a higher yield than you’ll find from many of the top screen buyback partners around the country, with most of our competitors averaging closer to 50%.

By utilizing proper screen removal and careful packaging techniques, customers can reap the benefits of bigger payouts with higher yields. That’s more money in your pocket for parts and tools, and an excellent way to help offset the cost of running your cellphone repair business.


So, why not give eTech Buyback a shot? Login and learn more today.

Get More Bang For Your Buyback

Now until Friday, we’ll buy back your broken iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus screens at a higher price than average. We can’t think of a better time than now to take advantage of our eTech Buyback program!


We’ll give you an extra $1 per iPhone 6s screen and an extra $3 per iPhone 6s Plus screen. That’s $28 for each broken iPhone 6s screen and $51 for iPhone 6s Plus in good working condition.


Follow the steps below to take advantage of this limited time buyback offer:

  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. Submit your buyback request by Friday, Feb 17th
  3. Ship broken screens to eTech by Monday, Feb 20th
  4. Get paid within 7-10 days of delivery


It’s that easy! If you’ve got a box of broken phone screens sitting in the corner of your shop, now is a great time to take advantage of eTech’s Buyback program. We accept a variety of Samsung screens and LCD screens from older iPhone models as well. Learn more about our Buyback Program and see how much cash you can make from selling back your broken screens.

Now for the not-too-small print: 25 screen minimum, some restrictions apply. See terms and conditions for more details. Please contact your eTech Parts Plus account representative at 913-839-1718 with any questions or concerns. 

Later Shipping Times and USPS, too

After listening to our customers and members of the Repair Community, we’re happy to announce our extended shipping cutoff schedule and USPS delivery option.

eTech Parts Plus

That’s right – eTech now offers USPS for small orders*!

Check out our new shipping schedule below to see how eTech can help you get the parts and tools you need to keep business running smoothly.


Shipping Schedule Cutoff Times

Monday – Friday

USPS Shipping – 12:00PM CST
FedEx Ground – 4:00PM CST
FedEx Overnight – 6:30PM CST
Friday Overnight + Saturday Delivery – 4:30PM CST



Saturday Overnight + Monday Delivery – 12:30PM CST 

*Please note: Your order must be 1 LB or under to qualify for USPS shipping.


We hope our new shipping schedule helps ease your day-to-day parts ordering process. As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We’re happy to help however we can. Be sure to find us on Facebook and Twitter, and stay tuned for more from eTech Parts Plus!

How To Set Your Prices

How to Set Your Prices: A Guide for Phone Repair Shops

Scour the web for information on how phone repair shops set their prices and you’ll be disappointed with the results – there’s just not much publicized advice out there on what to charge your customers for phone repairs. Are the repair techs hiding something? It’s no secret that anyone can easily find out phone repair profit margins with a little bit of research on the costs of replacement parts and the average cost of a repair. But how do repair shops set their prices? We asked Ryan Galvan, owner of a phone repair shop in Pensacola, Florida in an impromptu interview, how he goes about pricing his repairs.



Over the last 8 years, eTech has built our reputation in the repair industry by delivering quality parts, tools, and education to hundreds of repair shops nationwide. As our industry evolves, eTech is proud to announce an exciting new change. On Sept 28th eTech parts was officially acquired by a private equity group headquartered in Texas which owns several other companies involved in the mobile device repair industry. The new ownership brings tremendous additional resources and capabilities to eTech.

As a result of the acquisition, we are pleased to announce our new name, eTech Parts Plus. While the majority of the eTech way will carry on, we will be making significant improvements and investments to better serve our customers.

Here are some highlights that will be coming in the weeks ahead:

  • Our increased size and scale enables us to deliver quality parts at the best possible cost to you.
  • Stringent testing protocols required today by our enterprise customers will be applied to ALL parts we source, ensuring the best quality parts in the market today.
  • Lifetime Warranty will now be offered on all parts purchased from eTech Parts Plus.
  • Knowledge is the key to successful repairs. We will be introducing a large scale knowledge base that will include instructional videos, printed guides, important technical updates and bulletins.
  • Live technical support/chat will be available to all customers to help diagnose problems and assist repair technicians with completing difficult repairs.
  • Rapid response advanced depot repair center; Sometimes mistakes happen during the repair process. Our advanced mail-in repair depot is your backstop for repairs gone wrong. Offering micro soldering, FPC repair, touch IC and other 2nd level repair capabilities for our repair center partners via overnight mail-in service.
  • To ensure consistent quality and clear value of the “Grade” you are purchasing, we will be consolidating the number of lines/grades of products previously offered.*MasterTech training tour; In addition to custom training sessions, our Master Technicians will be bringing the training to you with our national training tour. This tour will host trainings in large metropolitan areas around the country allowing you to provide additional training to your team without added travel costs.

To encourage you to try the new eTech Parts Plus we will hosting a Grand Reopening sale starting October 10th.

Each day of the week we will be offering a new special promotion, so check back to the site daily and see how we can help you deliver quality repairs while improving your bottom line.

Click here each day for all special promotions. Deal of the Day!

Thank you again for your loyalty, we look forward to building the future of device repair!

The eTech Parts Plus Team
[email protected]

LOCA LCDGlue: The Clear Choice for Glass-Only Repair

LOCA LCDGlue: The Clear Choice for Glass-Only Repair


Always on the lookout for quality products, we are excited to announce a new partnership with LCDGlue. This quality Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive (LOCA) is cured using ultraviolet light. Use of LOCA in wireless repair includes bonding OLED and LCD units to new glass during glass-only repairs. Technicians choose LOCA when transparency is non-negotiable.

Why LCD Glue and the Reasons eTech Training prefers it:

Here at eTech Parts and eTech Training we pride ourselves in supplying high quality parts and tools. With this in mind, we are now carrying LCD Glue and it is what we consider the highest quality LOCA (liquid optical clear adhesive) for glass only refurbishment. Listed below are some of the major reasons we use LCD Glue compared to other brands on the market.

Why LCD Glue:
  • Clarity : Most brands of LOCA will start to show a “yellowing” after curing the adhesive under a UV light or after several weeks of refurbishing. LCD Glue has yet to show any yellowing at all. This product also has a clarity of 99.5%. You can see the difference in how vivid and clear the LCD Glue is compared to other LOCA products.
  • Shelf life: LCD Glue has a shelf life of 1 year. The product comes in completely blacked out tubes so there is no possibility of UV rays diminishing the life of the LOCA.
  • Ease of use: LCD Glue is easy to work with and has fast curing time under a UV light. This makes it easier to fix mistakes during the refurbishment process and also allows for quicker clean-up time.