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  1. Tech Tip: Touch issues on the iPhone 11

    Tech Tip: Touch issues on the iPhone 11
    The iPhone 11 has recently seen a surge of touch related issues which have been acknowledged by many including Apple. This article covers the common symptoms, causes, resolutions.  We have also included a summary on the recently introduced Apple Display Module Replacement Program to address the issue for affected devices. Common Symptoms Touch not responding at all or only in...
  2. Maximizing Sales - After the Repair

    Maximizing Sales - After the Repair
    You have completed the repair, your customer is happy, you’ve earned margin to cover your expenses, but you’re still running on thin margins.  The competition down the street is seems to be offering deep discounts.  How do you earn extra margin after the sale? Well, you can make sure that every customer goes home with a referral offer for friends...
  3. Stay more informed than ever about your orders and more with new eTech Parts Plus SMS alerts!

    Stay more informed than ever about your orders and more with new eTech Parts Plus SMS alerts!
    At eTech we are constantly listening to our customer feedback and finding ways to make shopping with us easier, to that end we excited to introduce SMS alerts! Now get real time alerts sent to your mobile number so you will know immediately when your order has shipped along with a link to the tracking number.   In addition, get real...
  4. eTech - New Interactive Parts Finder!

    eTech - New Interactive Parts Finder!
    Not sure how to find the perfect part?  Try our new parts finder! It’s easy to use by clicking on the phone model you want to search.  Then you can choose the inside or back of the screen to locate the part you’re looking to purchase.                         Not sure...
  5. Site Updates! Making Life Easier!

    Site Updates! Making Life Easier!
    Making life easier!   We have adjusted several website features to give you not only a better shopping experience, but also how you manage your account and orders.  The simple things like the ability to see order notes, searching and downloading your order history and using links to easily locate shipped product. Here is a list of our updates: Check Order Status...
  6. Got Laser?

    Got Laser?
    We are constantly looking for new ways to innovate and provide customers with tools or services that help them achieve better repair results. Whether that’s an electric screwdriver or tip to makes your job easier, we’re constantly looking for items that we can bring to you. One tool that we use in our repair facility is a M-Triangel Fiber Laser...
  7. Hey Neighbor!

    Hey Neighbor!
                Calling our Neighbors to the North and East!  Using FedEx Ground will get you next day shipment arrival for most of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Northern Louisiana.  That makes us your local parts supplier.  How local?  Well order your parts before 6PM and use FedEx Ground, you’ll get your parts the next day.  Now...
  8. Need Parts Same Day?

    Need Parts Same Day?
    Hello DFW Repair Shops – you know who you are… the ones that get to take advantage of our same day pick-up or delivery service.  Wait, you didn’t know that you could get your parts, if ordered by 5pm, delivered to your shop before 8pm?  We have partnered with ROADIE to provide you with same day delivery, which usually takes...
  9. Guest Blog with Parker Daniel of Fort Worth iPhone Repair

    Guest Blog with Parker Daniel of Fort Worth iPhone Repair
    Thanks again Parker for joining us for this guest blog! Just some back story: Parker and his team are from Fort Worth and run Fort Worth iPhone Repair.  They have been in business over 10 years and have mainly concentrated on iPhone only repairs. They have been working with the sales team at eTech and using our same day local...
  10. $310 Billion in Additional Funding!

    $310 Billion in Additional Funding!
    Maybe you missed the first round of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans for small-business owners, but have been hearing about it in the news.  Due to the high demand, the government just opened up another round of $310 Billion for small business. If you missed the first round, maybe your business didn't quality or you've been unsure how to proceed...

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