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4 Marketing Tips According to Cell Phone Repair Stores

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4 Marketing Tips According to Cell Phone Repair Stores

Cell Phone Repair Stores – Marketing Tips!

In today’s marketplace, customers are looking for the most inexpensive way to repair their devices. They have options. Following a few simple steps will help get your store out in front of potential repair opportunities. It won’t be easy, but the benefits will outweigh the work.

Let’s talk about some basic blocking and tackling for your store.

1. Store Branding – Marketing – Make sure that you take the time to design a logo and marketing collateral that tells a story about what you do. If you already have branding that is working for you, it doesn’t hurt to refresh your window signs or collateral to give everything a fresh look. Faded signs and overused collateral should be updated with the latest models you repair and maybe some new services you’re offering. It’s always good to do a refresh, where possible, every 6 months.

2. Chamber of Commerce – Becoming part of your town’s Chamber of Commerce is a great place to understand the community, partner with local contract businesses, restaurants, schools, and churches. You will probably find that someone knows someone else with a repair problem that you service. We’ve seen local repair shops tap into opportunities to service a few iPads for a chain restaurant, turning into an opportunity to repair iPads for over 30 locations! The repair business is out there, using your local Chamber of Commerce is a good way to touch a lot of business quickly.

3. Grassroots Marketing – People with broken phones and iPads are everywhere. Wearing a shirt that advertises your business is a great way to get the word out that you do repairs. Just the simple words “Broken Phone?” are a simple question that people recognize, as well as "I do" or "I know someone" that has a broken phone. Your second line on that shirt should be “Repairs starting at $XX.XX”. Recent statistics suggest that over 65% of broken phone customers hold off on repairs because of the cost. Giving customers a sense of the cost of repair could help remove this barrier.

4. Word of Mouth – Referrals are a fantastic way to get praise for the great repair work you do. Don’t be afraid to ask customers for Google or Yelp reviews of your business. You’re providing them with a quality solution for their repair needs, so let them spread the word for you. Another opportunity is to talk to associates at your local carrier (Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.) as about 50% of their customers accept their extended care warranty, while the remaining 50% don't have repair coverage. Talking to your local carrier and letting them know you provide a service right down the block that gives the Carrier Store Associate an easy way out of a tough discussion, when the customer finds out replacement $$$ is the only option.

We hope this information helps with spreading the word about the great repair services you’re offering. We posted a Facebook Live video last week, and we’d welcome you to view and hear some recommendations from our Director of Sales, Daryl Ward.