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Why Choose eTech ITAD Solutions, our Differentiation!

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Why Choose eTech ITAD Solutions, our Differentiation!

The Challenge of Managing IT Assets 

Meeting sustainability goals for removing, replacing, reselling, or environmentally recycling your End-of-Life (EOL) IT equipment is no small venture. Taking a picture and throwing the hardware on a website is not a solution.  

According to market research: 
19% of all data breaches are due to improper disposal, loss, and theft. 
22% of all assets inventoried go missing. 

Based on a random sampling conducted by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) of data-bearing devices purchased on secondary markets: 

50% of the tablets, 
44% of the hard drives, 
13% of mobile phones, 

…Still contained, readable confidential information. 

There are numerous things to consider, your sensitive data, environmental compliance, and the logistical headaches that come with IT hardware. These all require specialized services and a competent strategy. 

The Sustainability Solution, eTech ITAD 
In addition to providing IT repair, parts, and training, eTech Parts Plus has expanded our solutions to include IT Asset Disposition (ITAD). eTech ITAD specializes in helping you to remove your old or unneeded equipment without being environmentally irresponsible or putting your data at risk. We’ll also help minimize the logistical costs and increase asset value recovery along the way. 
eTech ITAD provides a stringent, certified process for the disposition of IT assets. 
eTech ITAD Services: 
Repair and refurbishment of assets, the differentiation 
Transport and logistics 
Scalable Data Protection 
Asset Remarketing 
Disposition and Recycling 
Reporting and Certification 
To elaborate:  
Repair, Refurbishment, and Training, the Differentiation 
For over a decade, eTech Parts Plus has been the trusted partner to ISDs nationwide. Providing depot repair for your IT assets, providing parts, on-site training for your staff, and job training for students. 
Now, with the expansion to eTech ITAD, we will manage your asset disposition and determine if an ROI repair opportunity is available to increase the recovery value. 
Additionally, your settlements from eTech ITAD can be directly applied as credit for our traditional services under eTech Parts Plus. No other ITAD organization can offer this solution. 

Transport and Logistics 
As anyone in the industry knows, used IT equipment is difficult to transport. Getting them from one location to another or transporting them to a disposal site can be challenging. They’re also easy to damage and need to be handled properly. 
eTech ITAD will arrange for your assets' seamless pickup and transport to our processing center on your decommission schedule. Whether that is simple pallet pickup, palletization, serial number/asset tag capture, data destruction on-site, or de-installation, we have the resources to support your requirements. 
If de-installation is required, each data-bearing device must be completely uninstalled, stripped of its network access, and meticulously accounted for. Networking expertise, specialized contractors and machinery, and in-depth knowledge of data center environments and discovery software are all crucial capabilities for data center teardowns that eTech ITAD can provide your ISD.  
We will also provide you with an audit trail and documentation for the disposal of every IT asset you remove. 

Scalable Data Protection 
No ISD wants to end up in the news with a data breach. Every asset, from IT and phones and tablets to printers, must have its data sanitized. The location of this could be on-site or remotely. eTech ITAD can assist you in making the best, most economical process to protect your data. 
One of the major forms of data theft/loss is from unknown allocation, as mentioned above. At eTech ITAD, we will eradicate your date from every date-bearing device trusted with us. 
Once your assets arrive at our certified partners, your assets are data cleared to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines or shredded, protecting your data.  
Asset Remarketing 
While getting a capital return on their retired assets isn’t a concern for mega-corporations, it certainly helps the rest of us. So, if you aren’t a giga-bank that would rather shred everything than get a quarter of the invested capital back, you may be pleasantly surprised by the returns that can be realized through eTech ITAD. 
eTech ITAD has a breadth of partners to rely on for remarketing IT equipment. As a result, we can recover the value of assets through secondary markets in the circular economy. 
Even if your assets don’t have significant value, at the very least eTech ITAD can deduct it from your bottom-line expense for our services. 
Again, eTech ITAD can provide comprehensive reporting for assets sold to verify the chain of custody and that your returns are appropriate. 
Disposition and Recycling 
Once IT assets have been removed, data destroyed, tagged for remarketing, and processed, you are ready to dispose of IT assets without value. 
It’s well established that if you are a green organization, you will do better with consumers; there is value in ITAD services that can responsibly safely dispose of assets. This is one of the primary purposes of the industry. E-waste isn’t going away any time soon, so eTech ITAD has partnered with R2v3 certified partners to avoid contributing further to the problem; at the end of the day, you’ll have a perk your customers can brag about. 

Reporting and Certification 
The aforementioned elements comprise the majority of ITAD services. However, everyone sleeps better at night with accountability, audibility, and comprehensive reporting. 
eTech ITAD can provide compliance with all of your organization’s sundry policies and regulations. 
Ready To Get Started with eTech ITAD Services? 
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