Repair from iPhone screw damage is something we started seeing around iPhone 5. This tends to happen with the screws holding down the bracket for the display cables. These screws are different sizes and if you mix them up, you’re going to run into an issue where the screw goes past it’s mount on the board and it actually drills into the board damaging traces. The biggest tip we can give you to avoid this is when you take your screws out, keep them organized!

Here are a few symptoms if you do accidentally cause screw damage:

  1. Blue screen
  2. No-touch
  3. Camera not working
  4. Bootlooping
  5. Won’t restore

We recommend using a magnetic mat to avoid this problem. Screw damage can happen on any device and it’s very easy to avoid by just keeping those iPhone screws organized. In the event you mix them up always start by using the smaller screw first. If you end up getting stuck & cannot figure out which screw goes where you can email our support team at