Boost your bottom line with high margin accessories and cases from eTech Parts!


eTech Parts has embarked on a journey into the deep and boundless world of accessories. Thanks to our successful partnerships with affordable luxury accessory brands such as Spigen and Ballistic, and an increased demand for a larger selection of accessories, we are branching out further to offer as many accessory options to our customers as possible. These popular, high-margin accessories are easy to sell and they’re everywhere: you can find them in malls, airports, and hotel lobbies being sold out of glass cases for as much as five times their original wholesale value.




Each case and accessory was hand-selected by Emily, our Accessories Specialist, who has researched all the top-selling and most popular accessories on the market. To add to this unique selection of accessories, each eTech Parts employee has also chosen his or her favorite accessory to feature on the eTech Parts website. More accessories are arriving daily, so stay tuned and be sure to check out what is currently in stock!




Emily has been hard at work sourcing, selecting and preparing for this accessory launch. If that’s not the look of dedication (with a hint of frustration) we don’t know what is!