Over the last 8 years, eTech has built our reputation in the repair industry by delivering quality parts, tools, and education to hundreds of repair shops nationwide. As our industry evolves, eTech is proud to announce an exciting new change. On Sept 28th eTech parts was officially acquired by a private equity group headquartered in Texas which owns several other companies involved in the mobile device repair industry. The new ownership brings tremendous additional resources and capabilities to eTech.

As a result of the acquisition, we are pleased to announce our new name, eTech Parts Plus. While the majority of the eTech way will carry on, we will be making significant improvements and investments to better serve our customers.

Here are some highlights that will be coming in the weeks ahead:

  • Our increased size and scale enables us to deliver quality parts at the best possible cost to you.
  • Stringent testing protocols required today by our enterprise customers will be applied to ALL parts we source, ensuring the best quality parts in the market today.
  • Lifetime Warranty will now be offered on all parts purchased from eTech Parts Plus.
  • Knowledge is the key to successful repairs. We will be introducing a large scale knowledge base that will include instructional videos, printed guides, important technical updates and bulletins.
  • Live technical support/chat will be available to all customers to help diagnose problems and assist repair technicians with completing difficult repairs.
  • Rapid response advanced depot repair center; Sometimes mistakes happen during the repair process. Our advanced mail-in repair depot is your backstop for repairs gone wrong. Offering micro soldering, FPC repair, touch IC and other 2nd level repair capabilities for our repair center partners via overnight mail-in service.
  • To ensure consistent quality and clear value of the “Grade” you are purchasing, we will be consolidating the number of lines/grades of products previously offered.*MasterTech training tour; In addition to custom training sessions, our Master Technicians will be bringing the training to you with our national training tour. This tour will host trainings in large metropolitan areas around the country allowing you to provide additional training to your team without added travel costs.

To encourage you to try the new eTech Parts Plus we will hosting a Grand Reopening sale starting October 10th.

Each day of the week we will be offering a new special promotion, so check back to the site daily and see how we can help you deliver quality repairs while improving your bottom line.

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Thank you again for your loyalty, we look forward to building the future of device repair!

The eTech Parts Plus Team