In today’s world of iPhone repair, screens are supplied in two types of configurations: the root LCD -- which contains the bare minimum needed to swap the screen -- and the full assembly configuration -- which contains the root LCD, plus all of the small parts attached to the display. The only small part not included is the home button, as the original must be used to retain the touch id (and in some cases, the home button function as well). Today we will be looking at the benefits and setbacks of using each of these configurations for repair.

Premium LCD

The bare LCD screen configuration has been around since the beginning of iPhone repair and continues to be a viable option for screen replacement. The greatest benefit of the bare LCD screen configuration, which contains the Glass, Digitizer, and LCD layers of the screen, is cost. This will be the lowest possible cost part configuration that can be used, maximizing the margin from each repair done. One drawback of working with the Premium LCD, however, is the process of transferring the front facing camera flex, earpiece speaker, and back plate takes additional time and during the transfer process damage may occur.

Premium Plus LCD (Full Assembly)

The full assembly configuration of a screen includes the same root LCD as the previous version, while also including the front-facing camera flex cable, earpiece speaker, and backplate. This minimizes not only the time needed to complete the repair but also the training and skill needed to complete a screen repair. A secondary benefit is the reduction of damage during repair as the transfer of the front camera flex is no longer needed. This flex cable can easily be torn during the transfer process. The one setback of the Premium Plus full assembly part is that the cost is higher than the Premium LCD without small parts. Although the cost of the part is higher, when the amount of time saved, and damaged reduced is taken into account, the Premium Plus full assembly screen will come out on top.

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-Tech Bob