Glass-only repairs have risen in popularity, as have the tools and information necessary to complete the repair. Simply seeing the number of glass only repair videos on YouTube is proof the repair is more prevalent now than ever before.

Separating the glass from the LCD takes a lot of patience and skill, but even more challenging is properly adhering the new glass to the LCD. Air bubbles and dust often get stuck between the pieces causing the final product to look less than brand new. Autoclaves make the process easier by removing bubbles from between the LCD and glass, but they often aren’t an economical option for small or mobile repair shops. Sheets of optical clear adhesive are easy to apply, but it takes some work to get bubbles out from between the LCD and glass.




Even easier to use is our new and improved Liquid Optically-Clear Adhesive, or LOCA. eTech Parts is proud to offer this improved formula of LOCA to repair shops and technicians everywhere! LOCA is available in 10g tubes and is now also available in larger tubes of 55g.


So, what exactly is this LOCA?

Liquid Optically-Clear Adhesive, or LOCA, is a liquid-based bonding technology used in touch panels and display devices to bind the cover lens, plastic or other optical materials to the main sensor unit or to each other.




And just how easy is it to apply?

How to Apply LOCA: Remove all safety pins/caps. Apply steady pressure to plunger. Apply 1mL-3mL depending on target size LCD/Glass. Make a single half-inch thick line down the middle of the longest area. Apply glass long way first at angle, and slowly ease the other side down. Allow gravity to spread the adhesive as much as possible, then use delicate force to spread adhesive to cover the area completely. Make sure buttons, camera, proximity, and sensors are aligned correctly. Cure in UV light for 3 minutes.


There are a handful of YouTube videos showing different ways to apply liquid adhesive to complete a glass only repair, but here's how NOT to apply LOCA.



Coming soon, eTech Parts will have even more options and tools for glass-only repairs, as well as tips and tricks to learn the best way to complete this repair. Be sure to stay tuned and stay in touch – catch us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr!