You have completed the repair, your customer is happy, you’ve earned margin to cover your expenses, but you’re still running on thin margins.  The competition down the street is seems to be offering deep discounts.  How do you earn extra margin after the sale?

Well, you can make sure that every customer goes home with a referral offer for friends and family. You can ask for good Yelp or Google reviews, but still that doesn’t get immediate results.   You should look around your shop.  What are you doing with the OEM screens that you’re removing from customer screens?  Just throwing them away?  Don’t, they may be of value!  Some of these late model screens are still worth over $100.   You shop should be maximizing the value of the old customer OEM screens by recycling them through a Buyback program.  We make the process simple;

  1. Identify if the broken screen is OEM or aftermarket. Usually the screens will have a stamp or other markings on the back that indicate its not OEM. See images below.
  2. Is the LCD in good working condition? The digitizer can be cracked, but the LCD or OLED doesn’t have cracks or is bleeding. Essentially the LCD and touch are working.
  3. If the screen is OEM and working, We’d recommend putting the screen back in the box of the screen you used for the customer replacement.
  4. Once you have enough screens stored up and you’re ready for some extra cash, Go online to and submit your estimate. Once complete, you’ll get a label to ship in your old screens.











Screens Not Accepted:

    1. Have non EOM marks or stickers
    2. LCD or OLED is cracked or bleeding
    3. Must have touch, even if the digitizer is broken


Once the screens are received, it usually takes a few days to review and grade your screens.  Upon completion, we pay out the value in both store credit or through PayPal.



Here is an example of what your shop could see.

You have 20 screens that you’ve repaired over the last week that were OEM, with good LCD and touch screens.  In the example, your estimate is up to $449 of value that you can recover off old screens.  Simply mail them in using our prepaid label and in about a week, you’ll have cash in hand to purchase additional parts or to help fuel your business!





Now that you are armed with additional knowledge about Buybacks, how are you going to change your business?    Ready to do your first Buyback?  Use the coupon below for an additional 10% bonus – over and above the final value of your Buyback!