Be confident in your repair parts with the newly updated W28 Pro V2 Tester! 

With this tester you can easily review the battery data prior to fully installing into a device. This prevents you from wasting time having to remove fully installed defective batteries, and damage that may occur during the removal.  

W28 Pro V2 Tester

The battery tester provides the following data and testing functions: 

  • Cycle Count 
  • Capacity 
  • Chipset Type 
  • Charging Test Data 
  • Discharging Test Data 

W28 Pro V2 TesterThe multi-function tester also allows for testing of lightning charging cables to verify if the cable is truly original or an aftermarket version.   

A final function offered by the tester is the ability to read the display data. This is helpful for newer repairs in verifying that certain functions, such as true tone, remain present.  

W28 Pro V2 Tester

Applicable Batteries: iPhone 4- iPhone 11 Pro Max 

Applicable Screens: iPhone 7 – iPhone 11 Pro Max 

More Expansion Boards Coming Soon! 

To see this tester in action, check out our video review -

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