At eTech we believe buying cell phone repair parts should be easy — and if something doesn’t work right, fixing it should be easy too. If a part doesn’t work as intended, the return and replacement should be a simple process. No questions, no 30-day time limits, and certainly no restocking fees.

That’s how it should be — but when it comes to buying wholesale parts for iPhone, not many suppliers can match those standards.

It's our goal to make purchasing wholesale parts the easiest part of your job. Owning and operating a cell phone repair shop isn’t easy, but returning defective parts to your supplier should be.


eTech Parts Plus wholesale iPhone repair parts


That’s why we’re improving our RMA process to make it easier than ever with FREE return shipping, NO restocking fees, new easy-to-use software, and a lifetime warranty on all returns.


eTech Returns & RMA's


NO restocking fees We’ve never been a fan of restocking fees. Now we’re taking them away for good, so you’ll get a refund for the price you paid when you bought the part. If the price of the part has fluctuated since your purchase, no worries. You’ll still get refunded the price on your initial invoice.

NO return shipping
  That’s right, we’re even covering the cost to ship your returns! Once you submit your RMA request using our brand new RMA software, you can print a label directly from our system under "My Account."

New! RMA software
  Submit, click, ship…and that’s it! Thanks to our new RMA software integration, returning products to eTech is now an easy 3-step process. Just submit your RMA request, click to print your shipping label, and ship us your returns! We promise to get them processed within 5-7 business days.


Store credit – More freedom to order as you please. We’ll give you store credit for the cost you paid, allowing you to order whatever your shop needs most. You can order replacements you need this week or stock up on parts you’ll need in the future.


At the end of the day, returns should be rare in occurrence and easy to process. That’s our philosophy here at eTech and one we’re happy to pass along to you. We hope you can benefit from easier RMA’s, so you can get your replacement parts as soon as possible, with no added fees or incurred shipping costs. Contact us today at 913-839-1718 with any questions or concerns and we'll be happy to help your cell phone repair shop!