In the world of wireless repair, there aren't many industry standards to follow or uphold; this is especially noticeable when it comes to repair prices. Here at eTech Parts we surveyed over 100 repair shops across the country to find out what repair shop owners are charging for the most popular repair: a broken screen. We also asked what kind of warranties are offered on the parts and how long it generally takes technicians to complete each repair. The results found are proof there is no "one price fits all" model or industry-controlling monopoly at play here; repair shops can charge premium prices for premium quality services and most are very successful doing so.

Let's see the survey results!


Our advice to repair shops across the country? Keep your prices competitive but tread lightly to avoid a price war (which can devalue repair). Charge a fair price for the quality of work you offer and always remember the differences between cost vs. value. Cost is the amount of money required to purchase something; value is the usefulness or desirability of a good or service, what it's "worth to me." Educating your customers is a great way to add value to your services and make more money off your skills. If you only use replacement parts from eTech Parts, a vendor that stands behind premium quality iPhone repair parts with a 90-day warranty, you can use this to educate your customers on why you charge $10-20 more than your competitors - and why that small detail can make a huge difference in the quality of their repair. Repair shop owners can charge premium prices or lower prices how they see fit and depending on the location of their services, can be quite successful one way or the other.


So where does your repair shop stack up? Are you above, below, or just at the national average for these repair prices? We want to offer a word of caution about lowering your prices to match a national or regional average price, simply for the fact we want you to keep making money! If your services line up with the price you charge and customers are still walking in your door every ten minutes, stick with prices that are working for your business. In the future, as more devices are released and the price of parts goes down, you may feel inclined to lower your price. However if business has slowed and you feel your prices are too high for the current market, a pricing adjustment might not be a bad idea. Don't let your competition or fear of overcharging customers pressure you into dropping your repair prices.


Are these market prices higher or lower than you expected? Let us know in the comments below - we're always happy to hear from customers and our readers. You can LIKE us on Facebook to join the Repair Community and let your voice be heard! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr and subscribe to our YouTube channel for weekly video updates and more from your friends at eTech Parts!