Some might consider a ScrewMat a “beginner’s tool,” but here at eTech Parts we think they’re a lot more than that. While ScrewMats are extremely helpful for those just getting the hang of mobile device repair, they’re also useful for on-the-go technicians as well. They make fantastic tools for training employees on repairing new devices. And what about an addition to your retail DIY kits? These versatile and educational tools are great to have on hand in your shop, no matter your level of expertise.




eTech Parts is excited to present three brand new ScrewMats for all your repair needs. The ScrewMat for the iPhone 5s is now available and flying off our shelves! Also available is the ScrewMat for the iPhone 5c as well as the ScrewMat for the Samsung Galaxy S4.




eTech Parts is proud to be an authorized distributor of ScrewMat. Find out more about our selection of ScrewMats, available for all iPhones and the Samsung Galaxy Series.