You may have read in the press that China has shut down the city of Hong Kong and neighboring Provinces due to spikes in COVID.  More than 66 million people have been ordered to shelter in place for the next week.  While some are working from home, factory and warehouse workers remain home.   This order will impact not only the product component product of parts for cell phone, tablet and accessories availability over the next month, but once opened, the influx of orders will cause a domino effect that will see a lag in raw materials and increase in shipping costs.

While the supply chain in the US hasn't seen a full interruption, as the closure continues and over the next few weeks, we will see increases in product manufacturing and inbound shipment costs.  We recommend that you plan your inventory needs to ensure that you have the proper amount of inventory.  We only foresee that parts costs will rise over the next few weeks, so we suggest that you plan accordingly.

eTech will make sure that we keep you up to date on the status of the supply chain issues.