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  1. Announcing eTech Training

    Announcing eTech Training
    At eTech Parts, we've made it our goal to serve the wireless Repair Community with the best quality cell phone replacement parts, tools, tech support, business resources, and now… training! That’s right – eTech Parts is proud to announce our acquisition of Fix Mobile Tech, our longtime partners-in-repair, as a way to help our current customers further their education with professional training and specialized custom courses. Continue reading →
  2. Going LOCO for LOCA.. and Day 3 Winners!

    Going LOCO for LOCA.. and Day 3 Winners!
    This month marks the 1-year anniversary of the release of the Wiha Pentalobe screwdriver -- a driver that instantly became every technician's favorite screwdriver for repairing iDevices. To celebrate, we're giving 10 of them away! The following 10 lucky winners (chosen by Random.org) will receive ONE brand new Wiha Pentalobe screwdriver from eTech Parts! Travis Vinje George Deleija Jess Haze Brian Cook Daniel...
  3. eTech Parts Field Guide for iPhone and iPad Repair

    eTech Parts Field Guide for iPhone and iPad Repair
    Introducing the eTech Parts Field Guide for iPhone and iPad Repair! If you joined us during the Wireless Repair Expo at CTIA Super Mobility Week 2014, you may have already gotten a sneak peek at our brand new Field Guide for iPhone and iPad Repair. Packed full of useful content for wireless repair technicians, our new catalog includes parts, tools, and more technical help and information than we've ever put out before. Click the link below to check it out! Continue reading →
  4. Note 3 Glass Only Parts and Tools

    Note 3 Glass Only Parts and Tools
    Over the past year glass only repair and LCD refurbishment have become extremely popular among members of the Repair Community. While we don't know whether this increase in popularity is due to the premium price of LCD assemblies or the improvement in glass only repair techniques; we do know that when properly executed, refurbishing LCDs can be a profitable addition...
  5. California Repair Shops : Are You Certified?

    California Repair Shops : Are You Certified?
    Here is an ultimate guide for California cell phone repair shops If you own a cell phone repair shop in California and don't have an official state-issued license hanging on your wall, we have some bad news for you. This week CBS-Sacramento reported on an unlicensed cell phone repair shop in Sacramento, CA losing a customer's phone and refusing to...
  6. Differences Between Osaka 6 and Osaka 7

    Differences Between Osaka 6 and Osaka 7
    A question we receive quite frequently from our customers is, "What's the difference between Osaka 6 and Osaka 7?" LOCA is Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive which is used to bind the LCD and glass during glass-only repairs. During the past 6 months the iPhone repair industry has seen a growing trend of repair technicians learning glass-only repairs and some have...
  7. Introducing UnDo Glue!

    Introducing UnDo Glue!
    Glass-only repairs are becoming a common repair service offered in repair shops around the world, as technicians add another useful skill to their set for mobile device repair. While this repair is quite difficult and can lead to LCD damage if performed incorrectly, technicians everywhere are diving in to learn more and practice this skill until it’s perfect. So you...
  8. Glass-Only Repairs: Part 2

    Glass-Only Repairs: Part 2
    Glass only repairs are quickly increasing in popularity as technicians search for a more economical way to replace the glass on a smartphone. Since designers of consumer electronics are continuing on the path of the small, smaller, and smallest, more devices will be held together with gobs of sticky adhesive. As LCD glass assemblies rise in cost, and thus create...
  9. Loco for LOCA!

    Loco for LOCA!
    Glass-only repairs have risen in popularity, as have the tools and information necessary to complete the repair. Simply seeing the number of glass only repair videos on YouTube is proof the repair is more prevalent now than ever before. Separating the glass from the LCD takes a lot of patience and skill, but even more challenging is properly adhering the...
  10. Glass-Only Repairs

    Glass-Only Repairs
    If your walk-in customers are asking about salvaging their LCD to repair only the glass, they’re not the only ones curious about this popular repair. Glass-Only repairs of Samsung devices and iPhone 5 screens are becoming more common as the prices of full assemblies for new devices are initially priced very high. With a little practice and patience, repair technicians...

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