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  1. Note 3 Glass Only Parts and Tools

    Note 3 Glass Only Parts and Tools
    Over the past year glass only repair and LCD refurbishment have become extremely popular among members of the Repair Community. While we don't know whether this increase in popularity is due to the premium price of LCD assemblies or the improvement in glass only repair techniques; we do know that when properly executed, refurbishing LCDs can be a profitable addition...
  2. Differences Between Osaka 6 and Osaka 7

    Differences Between Osaka 6 and Osaka 7
    A question we receive quite frequently from our customers is, "What's the difference between Osaka 6 and Osaka 7?" LOCA is Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive which is used to bind the LCD and glass during glass-only repairs. During the past 6 months the iPhone repair industry has seen a growing trend of repair technicians learning glass-only repairs and some have...
  3. Loco for LOCA!

    Loco for LOCA!
    Glass-only repairs have risen in popularity, as have the tools and information necessary to complete the repair. Simply seeing the number of glass only repair videos on YouTube is proof the repair is more prevalent now than ever before. Separating the glass from the LCD takes a lot of patience and skill, but even more challenging is properly adhering the...
  4. Glass-Only Repairs

    Glass-Only Repairs
    If your walk-in customers are asking about salvaging their LCD to repair only the glass, they’re not the only ones curious about this popular repair. Glass-Only repairs of Samsung devices and iPhone 5 screens are becoming more common as the prices of full assemblies for new devices are initially priced very high. With a little practice and patience, repair technicians...

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