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  1. Expanded Selection of Premium iBic Repair Parts

    Expanded Selection of Premium iBic Repair Parts
    Our mission at eTech Parts is to incorporate excellence into every aspect of what we do; this means our standards for customer service, quality control, shipping and returns are extremely high. We strive to offer the best quality parts at affordable prices along with the best customer service in the industry. iBic brand parts are an extension of this focus...
  2. iBic Premium Glass for the iPad 3

    Are you looking for the easiest way to replace the screen of an iPad 3? Are you searching for the highest quality screen at the best price? Look no further, as eTech Parts now has iBic brand screens for the iPad 3 in both black and white. These are the highest-quality replacement screens on the market, and a favorite among...
  3. What does iBic™ mean?

    As a customer service representative at eTech Parts, customers are always asking me to explain the differences between our base level parts and our iBic™ brand of parts. This is a very good question as there are many different levels of quality in the world of aftermarket repair parts, and I believe our iBic™ brand deserves a little more attention...

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