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  1. The iPad 2 is the most frequently fixed iPad

    The iPad 2 is the most frequently fixed iPad
    After asking the Repair Community what iPhone models they fix the most, we had no choice but to ask the same about iPads. The team at eTech Parts is always curious to hear what our customers are up to and what they're seeing in their wireless repair shops. When we asked the Facebook community what iPad models they fix most...
  2. Unplug Those Unused Charging Cables

    Unplug Those Unused Charging Cables
    As Todd Brewer was closing for the night at his Upstate New York phone repair shop, he thought he smelled something burning. After checking around the shop to make sure all his equipment was turned off, Todd returned to his work station to grab a charger for his phone. It was here he discovered the source of the smell, and an alarming sight. Continue reading →
  3. Repair Community Survey - Let's Get Technical

    Repair Community Survey - Let's Get Technical
    In our last edition of the Repair Community Infographic series, we took a closer look at how wireless repair shops conduct business across the United States. In this second edition of our survey infographic series, things get a little more technical as we dig deeper into the booming world of wireless repair. Continue reading →
  4. eTech Parts Field Guide for iPhone and iPad Repair

    eTech Parts Field Guide for iPhone and iPad Repair
    Introducing the eTech Parts Field Guide for iPhone and iPad Repair! If you joined us during the Wireless Repair Expo at CTIA Super Mobility Week 2014, you may have already gotten a sneak peek at our brand new Field Guide for iPhone and iPad Repair. Packed full of useful content for wireless repair technicians, our new catalog includes parts, tools, and more technical help and information than we've ever put out before. Click the link below to check it out! Continue reading →
  5. Battery Isolation Tool Demo

    Battery Isolation Tool Demo
    Here at eTech Parts, we consider ourselves strong advocates for high quality service. From the premium parts for iPhones we sell to the level of customer service we offer every day, quality is always our first priority. This means we’re constantly looking for the latest and greatest parts, tools and accessories to offer our growing community of repair shops. Continue reading →
  6. iPad and iPhone Repair Checklist

    iPad and iPhone Repair Checklist
    repair checklist for iphones and ipadsHere is an updated repair checklist for iPhones and iPads to improve your customer's experience Last July, we released an iPhone repair checklist and iPhone repair waiver form to help repair shop owners protect themselves and their customers during repairs. Even though our repair checklist had a very simple design, the issue it presented was persistent enough to warrant a certain level of visibility within the Repair Community. Soon after its release, Protecting Yourself, Protecting Your Customers became one of our most popular eTech Parts blogs. Now that we have our very own graphic designer (thank goodness!) who knows how to create awesome graphics in no time flat, we're excited to release our updated iPhone repair checklist! We even have an iPad repair checklist, too! Continue reading →
  7. gTool iCorner B-Series: Every gTool iCorner in One Kit!

    gTool iCorner B-Series: Every gTool iCorner in One Kit!
    gTool iCorner B-Series: Every gTool iCorner in One Kit!   When I first laid eyes on the gTool iCorner, which was several months ahead of its release, I instantly knew it was a game changer. The gTool iCorner offers a perfect solution to a problem all repair technicians struggle with. We knew the Repair Community would absolutely love these tools...
  8. Oh, ScrewMat...

    Oh, ScrewMat...
    The ScrewMat is an ingenious repair tool for the repair technician in us all -- whether you're a beginner or a seasoned repair expert, these magnetic mats can seriously come in handy! Mobile technicians are always on-the-go and in need of a solution for organizing and keeping tiny screws and parts in one place. The ScrewMat is the best solution...
  9. gTool iCorner in the Repair Community

    gTool iCorner in the Repair Community
    By now you've probably heard about the gTool iCorner, a revolutionary new iPhone repair tool that has taken the Repair Community by storm. While some skepticism still remains among those who haven't yet witnessed the magic bending power of the gTool iCorner, we've gotten an overwhelming response from the Repair Community! If you haven't yet tried the gTool iCorner, the...
  10. Best iPhone Repair Tools

    Best iPhone Repair Tools
    For your cell phone repair shop, here is the list of iphone repair tools organised by eTech parts We get the question all the time: “What’s the best tool for fixing an iPhone?” At eTech Parts we know there are several great tools for fixing iPhones, and each of them serves a different but equally important purpose. The iSesamo is...

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