use your phone in a greener wayFor a healthier lifestyle here are some ways to use your phone in a greener way

An estimated 5 billion people around the world use cell phones. With technological advancement and changing needs, phones have become a vital part of our lives. All of us use cellphones and some of us even have two cellphones at a time. Precisely, cell phones are the most used gadgets in the 21st century.

With all the benefits of cell phones, they also pose a threat to the environment. The electricity we use to charge our phones, the rays our cell phones emit when we use them and the material used in their manufacturing, all are a cause of environmental pollution.

How Cell Phones are Polluting our Environment?

  • Most people are unaware that their mobile phone use can impact the environment. Telecommunication companies participate in greenhouse gas emissions, wasteful water use, and improper waste and disposal of materials. These problems account for 85 percent of the total carbon footprint of telecommunication organizations.
  • Chemical substances from cell phones such as arsenic, lithium, cadmium, copper, lead, mercury, and zinc are considered toxic. Cell phones contain a large number of hazardous substances. When mobile phones are discarded, these substances are released causing harm to our environment.
  • Our cell phones, like several other gadgets, have a carbon footprint too. It requires a lot of energy to keep your phone charged. The electricity used is generated through the burning of fossil fuels.

Some Ways to Use Your Phone in a Greener Way

With the deteriorating environmental conditions, we need a population that is eco-conscious in everything they do, including their cell phone usage. Here are some ways of using your phone and contributing minimum to environmental degradation.

Buy Low-Energy Chargers

  • According to a report, there are more than one billion chargers connected to the grid at a time. Not all phone chargers are created equally. Some require more electricity than others. To reduce electricity use and emissions, buy low-energy chargers.

Buy Used Instead of New Phones

People buy new phones like they buy new clothes. Once a better and more trendy version comes out, they need to buy it. There is no need to discard your old phone for the next model when it comes out. Use your phone for as long as you can, and then prefer purchasing an old phone to help minimize waste.

Recycle Phones When They Die

  • Many places accept mobile phones for recycling. Unfortunately, only 12 percent of mobile phones are recycled. However, this should be practiced by more and more people.

Support Eco-Friendly Companies

When possible, avoid making purchases from companies that do not abide by environmental laws. Most companies do the bare minimum, just to avoid fines.

Use it Less Often

  • Your Cell phone's carbon footprint depends on how you use your phone. Try not to use your phone too much.

Turn it Off!

If you are not using your cell phone, turn it off. This will conserve battery and there be little need to recharge it.

Turn Off Features You Do Not Need

  • Turning off features that you do not need will save your charging. You will not have to recharge your cell phone and consume electricity again and again.

Get a Solar Powered Phone

Mobile phones with solar panels at their backs have been introduced in the market. You can get one for yourself. These phones will not require electricity for their charging.

Cell phones are an intrinsic part of our life. Although they are contributing to environmental degradation, using them in a greener way can help in mitigating environmental impacts caused by them.

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