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eTech Quality Metrics Scale

eTech Quality Metrics Scale

At eTech Parts Plus, we want to make your ordering experience clear and easy. We want to ensure that when you receive an eTech product, you’re in the know about what to expect. That’s why we have rolled out two specific offerings – providing you honest guidelines to make the right decisions for your customers.

Select from our Premium or Premium Plus line of LCDs.


Premium | Professional Grade

Our premium line offers you a professional option, exceeding our highest quality standards. Backed with a lifetime warranty.



Premium Plus | Professional Grade 

Introducing Premium Plus: eTech’s answer to those wanting the same level of quality, but with the added bonus of not having to deal with swapping over small parts. These “Premium Grade” screens are held to the same level specs as above, and will save you time and money by arriving fully assembled.  Just like our other LCDs, we back these with a lifetime warranty.  

If you have further questions about ordering from eTech, please visit our FAQ page, or contact [email protected].