Apple iPhone Battery Lock-down



It appears Apple is back to their old ways. It was recently discovered that Apple has implemented software that causes the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max to display “Service” on Battery Health when the original battery is replaced.  Whether it is replaced with an aftermarket or original battery, the device will still display “Service”. This is very similar to how the Touch ID is designed; however, the software will not affect the functionality of the replacement battery.

When a device displays “Service” this is usually an indication that the battery is degraded and needs to be replaced. The issue is that, if we put a new aftermarket battery in our device, the battery will work perfectly fine. However, the device will still display “Service”. Customers may see that “Service” warning and think that a repair technician has done something incorrect, when in fact, it is just a software issue.

Apple is trying to force customers to get their battery replaced at only Apple authorized locations. This ties into the Right to Repair article that we wrote a few months back . Here are a couple of articles that dive deeper into the issue:



-Tech Bob