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iPhone Repair

  • iPhone X Series Tips

    As the iPhone X series gets older, naturally, there is an emergence of different types of replacement screens that become available. Various materials are used to create each different screen which, in turn, means that each screen will have its pros and its cons. Some screens are intentionally created to...
  • iPhone X iOS 12.1.4 Software Issue

    A software issue is currently present on the iPhone X running iOS 12.1.4. The software causes both OEM and Aftermarket screens to experience the following touch related issues:   Ghosting (screen moving on its own without being touched) No Touch Response (screen does not move when touched) Dead Spots (screen...
  • Why Won’t My Home Button Work After Screen Replacement?

    HOME BUTTON NOT WORKING AFTER SCREEN REPLACEMENT? On and iPhone 5S and newer, if the original home button of the device is damaged or replaced, the touch id function of the device is permanently lost. This disables functions such as unlocking your phone with a fingerprint and using Apple pay...
  • New! Home Button with Functionality for iPhone 7, 7+, 8, 8+

    NOTE:  Multiple versions and grades of the home button with return functionality are currently available in  the market. The version sold by eTech Parts Plus is the most stable and responsive available.  The glass button cover is guaranteed to be free from the common defect seen in this part of...
  • USB Ammeter - Taking You From Amateur To Pro

    Today we will be reviewing a powerful tool that is commonly underutilized in the repair industry. The USB Ammeter is cost effective and provides quick simple troubleshooting for power related issues.   How does it work? The Ammeter is connected to a USB block and the charging cable for your...
  • 3 Factors to Watch Out For When Repairing the iPhone XR

    Today I'm covering three quick ways to correctly repair the iPhone XR, including critical factors you will need to watch out for during the repair process. Proximity/Speaker Flex The proximity/speaker flex cable length does not allow for much movement while the display assembly is connected. Use extreme caution while opening this device because...
  • Tools: The Right, The Wrong, and How Not To Be One - Tech Bob

    Let’s  talk  about  the  right tools,  wrong tools,  and  how  not  to  be  a  tool in the phone repair business. The  age  old  saying  of  "use  the  right  tool  for  the  job"  fits  perfectly  in  the  cell  phone  repair  industry.  Not  only  does  the  right  tool  make  the  job  easier...
  • Three Tips for Identifying Liquid Damage - Tech Bob

    Many times, when a customer seeks your help with a phone that is experiencing signs of water damage, they will be able to share if there was an event that caused the phone to malfunction. This event could be something like accidentally dropping the device in a pool or in...
  • Heat Gun v. Heating Pad: What's Hotter? - Tech Bob

    The  heat  gun  has  been  a  staple  in  the  repair  industry  since  its  inception.  Although  it  has  been  a  vital  tool,  just  as  the  repair  industry  has  evolved,  so  have  the  tools  being  used  to  complete  repairs.  This  evolution  has  brought  forth  the  heating  pad.  Let’s  take  a  look  at...
  • iFlex: Our Newest Opening Tool

    Are you looking for a new opening tool? Here is a new openingiflex-on-toolbench-etech-parts tool that you can use to repair iPhone, iPad, iWatch, iPod, Samsung Galaxy Devices, Sony, HTC, and LG Devices. The iFlex opening tool is designed to easily fit between the front screen and the frame of the device to lift the broken screen off of the device. Repair a broken screen without causing damage to important cables with this professional opening tool. Repairing a broken phone, tablet, or laptop screen? Give this new screen repair tool a try![su_quote cite="Ken L. from Prestige Electronics"]Like any technician or mechanic worth their salt knows, having the right tool for the job makes all the difference. We had been searching for a tool that made repairs on screen-out-first phones like the Galaxy S5 faster and more reliable. The iFlex is that tool. When paired with a heat pad the iFlex is a complete winner to pull an LCD without damaging the expensive screen assembly. Charge ports are cake. Speakers and cameras no longer make me sweat. The iFlex should be in any technician's arsenal.[/su_quote]
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