Why only original screens should be sent in

It is important that you only send in original screen. Original screens are worth more than after market screens because they have the original LCD/LED. The LCD/LEDs on the original screen are the best quality. Aftermarket screens have lower quality LCD/LEDs that are not worth much. Sending aftermarket screens in for buyback only increases the weight of packaging, which increases shipping costs.

How to identify original vs copy

Signs of an original screen:

  • No vendor stamps or stickers
  • Apple logos and part numbers
  • Adhesive on screen
  • Foam pads over flex cables

Signs of an Aftermarket screen:

  • Vendor stamps or stickers
  • Non-oleophobic coating
  • No serial number/ blacked out serial number printed
  • No Apple logos/ blacked out Apple logos


How to package to ensure maximum yield/no damage

Put the broken screens into bubble sleeves or the packaging that the new screen came in. When packing, add padding to the packaging to make sure the screens don’t incur additional damage during shipping. You can test to see if the screens are secure by shaking the box after it is fully packaged. Make sure there is no rattling or movement in the box.

Difference in grading depending on damage present

There are a few things that we look for to determine the value of an original screen. The LCD/LED is the most important part of the screen assembly. The more damage there is to the display, the less valuable the screen becomes. If there is no image on the screen, for example, the screen is not worth anything. We also look for things like pressure points, which look blue or yellow on the screen, that can lover the value of the screen.

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